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20 Things Every Rutgers Student Should Know

20 Things Every Rutgers Student Should Know

20 Things Every Rutgers Student Should Know

Whether you are new to Rutgers or just slightly unaware, there are certain things every Rutgers student should know. Keep reading to make sure you are well-informed!

1. Rutgers was actually the very first university to hold a college football game!

1869 Rutgers and Princeton were the first to play intercollegiate football!

2. Grease trucks will be your best friend when it’s 1:00 AM.

It’s late, you’re going back home from a party and you’re hungry. Don’t worry, the RU hungry truck is on College Ave until 3:00 AM for your late night munchies!


3. The gym is FREE! Just show them your student ID and you’re in!

Take advantage of this! Everyone complains about Freshmen 15, but why worry when you have access to every gym on campus? Just show your Rutgers ID and you’re good! We even have an Olympic-sized pool at Werblin.

4. Parking tickets are inevitable.

It won’t matter if you have a parking pass, if you’re not on the right campus or lot, you’ll be getting a ticket. Hopefully it’s just a warning!

5. The Scott Hall bus stop is probably one the worst bus stops we have, try to avoid it during rush hour!

With the new Scott Hall apartments opening up, the bus stop is now going to get even more crowded. Try to get on at the Student Center if you can! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


6. #1 Rule for riding the bus, wait until people get off the bus first AND THEN get on.

People find this hard to understand, but people need to get off the bus in order for you to get on!

7. Late for class? Don’t worry, bus drivers will take 10 minute breaks!

Bus drivers do not accommodate to your needs, and will take as many breaks as they need.


8. Go to sporting events! Usually tickets for students are free and plus you get a lot of free stuff!

Support your school as they compete in sports! Sometimes they give out free hats, shirts, towels, etc., it’s never ending!


9. Dining hall closes at 9:00 PM? Don’t worry, take-out is open until midnight!

Sometimes student’s classes end after the dining hall closes, or people just get hungry later into the night. Rutgers has their own take-out system and the menu is different every day! They’re open until 12 AM and you can swipe as many times as you want!

10. Swipes are your friend! Unlimited food at the dining hall and unlimited snacks at cafes? WHY NOT?!

Freshmen with swipes need to take advantage of the swipes they have! Instead of going out to eat, you can swipe unlimited times at the dining hall and the cafes at school, so why not take advantage?

11. You should at least experience Neptune Night once! UNLIMITED LOBSTER AND SHRIMP!

Rutgers is known for their Neptune nights, where they provide unlimited amounts of seafood. It’ll be one of the few events where everyone and their families come together to eat.


12. Rutgers is actually one of the best research universities.

We have the whole human genome project in our database!

13. First time at Rutgers? Good luck with the bus system. We have 9 different routes…

Getting around Rutgers for the first time will be a struggle. We have 4 different campuses and 9 different bus routes, but after a while you’ll get the hang of it!

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14. “RU Screw” is inevitable …and all we can do is cry.

Every student at Rutgers will experience RU Screw at least once. It could be anything from screwing up your schedule to not getting housing for a year. Everything is simply about luck.

15. Stuck on a different campus once buses stop running? Call the Knight Mover!

The bus systems stop around 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM, but if you’re stuck on a different campus past the bus schedules, we have something called the knight mover! They’ll come to wherever you are and take you wherever you need to go. Like your own personal taxi, except it’s free!

16. The lottery will either make or break friendships.

At Rutgers we have something called the lottery. We use it for housing applications and for games, so it’s equal for everyone. But if you get a good number, good luck.


17. Join a club!

GET INVOLVED! Rutgers provides so many different clubs. It’s good to get involved and to meet new people!

18. Free printing!

Every semester each student gets about $30 worth of printing money, and it costs about $.04 a page! So take advantage and print all you need! It renews every semester so no need to worry.

19. Rutgers isn’t as boring as you think.

On the Livingston campus we have Starbucks, our own Rutgers Cinema, a diner, Q’doba, and a lot of other stores! On each campus you’ll be able to find different shops and restaurants!


20. Passion Puddle

On the Cook campus we have a big puddle. Myth says if you walk around it three times with your significant other, you’ll stay with them forever!

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