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20 Things Every Rutgers Freshman Should Know

20 Things Every Rutgers Freshman Should Know

If you're a freshman headed off for your first year at college, here are some things that every rutgers freshman should know!

Attending any college for the first time is tough. You never know exactly what to expect. However, if you are planning on attending Rutgers University, we have you covered. Read on for 20 tips every Rutgers freshman should know!

1. Don’t go out every weekend.

It may seem tempting to go out drinking with friends Thursday-Sunday. You really shouldn’t, though, and you’ll thank yourself in the morning.


2. Go to the football games.

That is neither a question nor a suggestion. Just go. They are always so much fun to attend, even if we lose 90% of the time.

3. Don’t hook up with people who live in your dorm.

…Unless you’re prepared to see them all the time. I guarantee that you will see them and every time you do, it will probably be cringe worthy.


4. Give yourself enough time to get to your classes.

Being on time shows that you are responsible. But being early especially shows that you are studious and prepared.


5. The internet at Rutgers isn’t always the best.

From hackers to faulty connections, you can’t really trust when it will be on and when the overall system will be down.

6. If you think a course is difficult, get tutored as soon as possible.

Rutgers has learning centers and writing centers that can greatly improve your grades. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. The tutors are hired for a reason!


7. Don’t shop at the campus convenience stores unless you really have to.

The merchandise is super overpriced. Get everything you need before the semester starts.


8. No glove, no love.

At Rutgers, you have no excuse not to use a condom. You can even buy them in the VENDING MACHINES.

9. When you have an exam coming up, STUDY.

This sounds self-explanatory, but trust me, some individuals refuse to study.


10. Get involved.

There are hundreds of clubs and organizations for Rutgers freshman (and sophomores, juniors and seniors). The more that you participate in college, the more you make of your college experience.


11. Learn how to….

cook, do laundry, iron, etc., before you come to college! No one is going to fold your socks for you.

12. Take courses that you think you will enjoy.

You will have plenty of time to complete required courses. You will not, however, have years to ponder your major.


13. Plan ahead for next year…

before next year comes along. Once you get accustomed to being a Rutgers freshman, start thinking about where you want to live, considering meal plans, reading descriptions of courses, etc.


14. Decorate your dorm room.

Print out photos of family and friends for your viewing. Maybe slap a few posters onto those bare walls!

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15. Think about your health.

The “Freshman 15” may seem like a weird, sick joke, but it isn’t. Watch your meal choices and walk to class or work out when you can.

16. New Jersey weather fluctuates.

Keep in mind that the weather may make you feel like you’re in California one day, but it may make you feel like you’re in Antarctica the next.


17. Unless you’re living in B.E.S.T., your Rutgers freshman dorm is going to be pretty darn small.

You and your roommate will frequently feel claustrophobic, especially if you get the Livingston Towers.


18. Understand that the buses are the actual definition of hell.

It is in no way, shape, or form fun to ride on the Rutgers buses. But there are so many other great qualities about Rutgers, that this flaw barely holds any weight.

19. If you aren’t feeling well, go to the health center.

Rutgers performs a lot of free and reduced price tests, too, so don’t worry about money.


20. You don’t have to eat at the dining halls 24/7.

There are tons of other cool restaurants and food places on campus. I personally recommend Hansel & Griddle for their delicious paninis. They are to die for.

Have any other tips to share for our fellow Rutgers freshman readers? Feel free to comment and share below!
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