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20 Things Every Pitt Freshman Needs To Do

20 Things Every Pitt Freshman Needs To Do

15 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At UF

The beginning of your first year of college brings around a lot of feelings; excitement, nerves, the whole nine yards. Well, you’re already headed in the right direction for an amazing freshman year considering you chose the University of Pittsburgh, a place I am lucky enough to call my second home. Here is a list of 20 “musts” every Pitt freshman needs to do in order to make the most of your first year here at Pitt.

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1. Move in (well duh).

Seems like a give in, I know, but moving in is half the struggle. There’s boxes everywhere, a stranger in a bed 5 feet away from you, and a whole floor full of people just as crazed as you are. Take a breath, once all of your stuff is in place and you start to know who’s who the rest will fall into place.


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2. Attend (AND STAY TO THE END) of a football game.

By far the best part of fall at Pitt is football season. From the tailgates, to the insane amount of school spirit, to being at Heinz field, a football game or 2 is definitely essential to your freshman year experience.

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3. Late night Sorrentos and ranch.

The best pizza in all of South O no questions asked (antoons will never compare).



4. Post a picture of Cathy on Instagram.

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be attending Pitt if you weren’t innately in love with the cathedral of learning. It just makes sense to post that love on social media once (or 50) times before the year is up.

5. Stay up all night studying or writing something.

College rocks but it’s sadly not all fun and games. You’re not going to like it but its part of freshman year and college in general to have a few all nighters here and there. friends and snacks make it a little more bearable I promise.


6. Find your perfect study location.

Not everyone learns the same way so it makes sense that not everyone can study in the same types of environments. I guarantee there are more places to study than just Hillman and when you find your perfect study place you’ll know.

7. Be a part of the Oakland zoo.

There is a reason we’re ranked the second best student section in the country. Enough said.


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8. Learn your way around south O.

Whether you like it or not you should be able to learn the streets of south Oakland very well by the end of this year. I still don’t know if I should be proud or concerned that I could map it out from memory.

9. Take the incline up to Mount Washington.

The view from the top of mount Washington is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. The whole city is in front of you and of course Cathy if you look hard enough. I’ve been to the incline so many times and it truly doesn’t get old and will make you appreciate Pittsburgh even more.


10. O fries!

An essential part to any late night out. The only fries chemically proven to taste better at night than they do in the day (please don’t fact check me here).


11. Walk up cardiac hill without loosing your breath.

The hill from lower to upper campus commonly known as “cardiac hill” is steep enough to make even the toughest of athletes lose their breathe by the time they get to the steps of the Pete. Once you can confidently make it to the top without losing your breathe you have officially made it as a Pitt student.

12. Use your market fries just to get soft serve and fries.

It happens to the best of us…a lot more than once.


13. Schenley park!

When you have free time on a weekend or on a nice day after classes you definitely won’t regret a stroll or jog through Schenly park. There is so many hidden gems and beautiful views and is worth the walk when you don’t want to feel so “in” the city.


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14. See as many museums as possible since they’re free with your student ID.

Mattress factory, Carnegie, and Phipps are all really cool places that are free with your pitt ID.

15. Stroll through Shadyside.

Personally, Shadyside is my favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood. It has hip restaurants and clothing stores and is a 5 minute (FREE) bus ride from campus. There’s so many other fun places so close to campus like Southside and the Strip District that are worth a trip to check out.


16. Get lost on Pittsburgh public transportation.

When it comes to the bus system I guess it really is best to trial and error. With so many different lines and stops and numbers it is not for the faint hearted and you might end up going the opposite direction you had planned. I promise it’ll all be worth it by the end of the year when you (kind of) know where you’re going.

17. Scream Hail to Pitt way louder than you should.

It happens to all of us school spirit filled students here and there. sometimes in a close sporting match or perhaps when you snag a table WITH an outlet in Hillman, a hail to pitt or h2p is always acceptable.

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18. Sing Sweet Caroline with strangers.

Whether it’s after the 3rd quarter of a football game or within the depths of a frat house, it is an unspoken pitt student rule to drop everything and sway and sing along with whoever is near you. and trust me, it will never get old.


19. Tan on soldier’s and sailor’s lawn.

In the fall or spring, the lawn is covered in students trying to get a tan in between classes. This Is one of my favorite spots and unfortunately for my GPA where I couldn’t help but spend all of finals week.


20. Enjoy the ride!


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Do you have anything to add to this list of twenty things every Pitt freshman needs to do? Share and comment below!
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