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20 Things Every ESU Student Should Know

20 Things Every ESU Student Should Know

There are so many things about East Stroudsbourg University that most students may not even know. Here are 20 things every ESU student should know!

There are so many things about East Stroudsbourg University that most students may not even know. Here are 20 things every ESU student should know!

1. ESU owns Stony Acres.

A 119 acre off-campus student recreation area that includes a lodge, cabins and a small lake. They do all kinds of retreats and fun activities that anyone can participate in, free or of a small charge.

2. We have an awesome Science and Technology Center.

Complete with state-of-the-art classroom and lab facilities and equipment, a planetarium and a rooftop observatory. Recently, a science museum was built on the bottom floor which you can visit whenever you want.


3. NO ONE has classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-4 pm.

That time is reserved for campus activities, labs, and club meetings.

4. Calliope is our official literary club.

It publishes student poetry, photography and artwork online, three times a semester, and annually in the print version of the journal.

5. We also have the Stroud Courier, the student newspaper.

It is student run and serves as the voice of our students here on the ESU campus.


6. The health center offers more than you thought.

Free counseling, morning after pills, pregnancy testing – and they always have a doctor available to check even your simplest symptoms and can prescribe you medicine.

7. There’s a writing studio in the library.

The writing studio can proofread your essays, help you pre-write, teach you about any grammar issues that you’re having trouble with and work on other paper related problems that you may be having. It’s a great resource on campus.

8. Criminal Justice is the best major on campus!

I’m not just saying that because I’m a CJ major and I’m totally biased (muahahaha yes I am!) but it really is. I have never been more sure of what I wanted to do with my life until I started taking CJ classes and realized this is the path I want to take. My professors are understanding, knowledgeable and willing to help in any capacity.


9. The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning is the best department on campus!

I won’t even deny it, I am so biased because they have given me the most amazing jobs on campus and I am forever grateful to each and every one of this department’s staff. DAEL is located in Rosenkrans and provides support to any student on campus. They have computer labs, tutoring services for pretty much any class you will take, and the best advisors on campus.

10. There are two computer labs located in the Union.

Perfect for when you want to get in and out quick. Both labs are equipped with a printer and copy machine.

11. We also have a Credit Union on campus that makes banking so much easier.

PSECU is amazing and has great benefits for students that choose to work with them. I’m a proud member of PSECU and I love it!


12. The University Ridge apartments are my favorite campus housing choice.

I’ve lived in a traditional dorm, a suite, and now an apartment and I never want to look back. We have the shuttle services, a washer and dryer in our apartment, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a full kitchen and a living area. If something breaks down, maintenance is right there to fix it for us quickly. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

13. As of 2012, we have the first female president of ESU, President Marcia Welsh.

She communicates constantly with the student body through Twitter and was even featured in a video that showed her doing the “Whip and Nae Nae.” If that’s not bad-ass, I don’t know what is!

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14. There are a wide array of clubs and sports on campus to suit whatever interests you.

Whether that’s anime, lacrosse, or the radio station, there’s pretty much anything that can peak your interests.

15. Get to know your professors!

They’re so knowledgeable on the topic they are teaching you and they have incredible connections. One day, when you’re desperately searching for a job or internship, they might be able to connect with you with the right people and help you more than you know.

16. ESU offers career services and development support that can help make you more marketable for the future.

They can help you create a resume that employers will actually want to read, teach you how to ace a job interview and help you find a job. Plus, the services are offered for life. How cool is that!?


17. There’s a women’s center on campus.

A great benefit for ESU’s female population.

18. Most of your classes will be in Stroud.

Get used to the beige cinder block walls of Stroud because you’ll be living in there practically.

19. Check your emails constantly to know when the bookstore is having a sale.

They usually send out an email the day before the sale starts to prepare you. I snag some awesome ESU shirts and hoodies for usually about 25% off and I wear my clothes proudly around campus.


20. The main rec offers awesome fitness classes and late night events.

Last week, I took my first Zumba class at the rec and I loved it. The next day, the rec was set up for laser tag, soccer, a DJ, and much more. We even got free t-shirts!

What are some other things every ESU student should know?
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