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20 Things Every College Student Must Do Before Graduating

20 Things Every College Student Must Do Before Graduating

Whether you go to a two-year community college or a four year university, some college experiences are a rite of passage. Here are 20 things every college student must do before graduating.

1. Find an internship relating to your major.

It’s much more beneficial to have one before graduating…you want to find an actual paying J-O-B after graduation.

2. Join an organization.

A club, intramural, sorority…just join something.


3. Make the Deans’ List.

Because c’mon, grades are important.

4. Watch a school’s theater production.

A lot of work goes into these shows – offer some support and check one out!

5. Kiss a stranger.

Or at least make friends with one.


6. Go to a bonfire.

On a beach…in a grassy field…wherever, whenever, just go.

7. Go to a rave.

Or a really epic college party.

8. Kiss your mascot.

Because why not?


9. Attend a theme party.

10. Go to a music festival.

But if you can’t manage to make time for this (or muster up the funds) to do this before graduating; do so at some point in your life.

11. Vacation with your roommate.

Or something equally awesome.

12. Create a signature drink.

13. Donate blood.

If you learn the importance of giving back, before graduating, you’ll be so much more likely to continue doing so after graduation.

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14. Make out in the library.


15. Study abroad.

16. Road trip with your girls.

Try to get at least one road trip in with your besties before graduating. Once you are all out in the real world, it will be a lot harder to make spontaneous trips like this happen.


17. Volunteer.

See number 13.

18. Attend a game for every sports team (or club).

Show some school pride.


19. Protest something!


20. Take advantage of your student status.

Student discounts, student deals, student freebies – milk that student ID for all it’s worth!
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