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20 Things Every ASU Student Should Know!

20 Things Every ASU Student Should Know!

20 Things Every ASU Student Should Know!

Freshman year is an extremely exciting time, but it can also be intimidating adjusting to a new place. Here are 20 things I think every ASU student should know. Keep reading for tips that will help make your time at ASU the best it can be!

1. Education is the main reason you are at college!

The reason you came to ASU is for a degree, so don’t lose sight of your dreams in the midst of social gatherings and parties!

2. School pride is very important.

Go to football games, wear yellow on Friday, and enjoy representing your school while you watch some great football.


3. College years are the quickest years.

I am graduating in 2018 and I can’t believe this will be my third year at ASU. It feels like it has only been maybe a year…crazy right?! Make sure you enjoy every moment!


4. Walking to class in 120 degrees is more cleansing than you think!

Everyone worries about the heat, but you get used to it! I love the heat now (I am from Connecticut so it was a huge transition).



5. We have very dedicated faculty.

The teachers and other faculty are there for you! They want you to succeed so let them teach you. Don’t blame them for your bad grades because you will get what you earned!

6. Help is just a click away.

Tutors are almost always available online or in person, so take advantage if you need it! It is free and worth the better grade at the end!


7. Going to parties isn’t everything.

Don’t get caught up in it. ASU has a reputation for being the biggest party school. As hyped up as the parties are, they aren’t everything and if you get caught on campus it can stain your record.

8. They card everywhere and there are harsh punishments for fakes.

There are MANY package stores around campus and I have personally seen two girls get caught with fakes trying to buy alcohol get put away in the back of a cop car so don’t be those people!!

9. You don’t NEED a bike or a board to get around.

A lot of people think you need some wheels to get around but, campus is set up like a grid . It is really easy to get from point A to point B without a bike or long board within the 15 minute class gap for those who have one! Walking along palm walk, which is a walk only zone for a majority of the school day, will get you where you need to be easily…usually.


10. You should go to office hours.

The professors stay to help you so let them! They will give you tips and help with assignments and getting to know your professors helps you when it comes to recommendation letters and potential research on campus!


11. Study wherever you feel most comfortable.

Some people think you have to go to the library to study but honestly, I hate going to library. I prefer being in my own personal space so go where you feel most comfortable and utilize it!


12. Library documents can be accessed anywhere.

Through the ASU Library database you can access articles, books, journals and more anywhere! When I have research papers I go online and find my materials instead of searching in the library. To access library documents, you need to be logged into your MyASU portal and go under library resources in the campus services tab.

13. Roommates can be the best and the worst.

Just because you have an amazing roommate doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days and just because you have the worst roommate doesn’t mean you won’t have good days! Stay positive and make the most of the situation you have! Also, always change the toilet paper roll if you finish it 😉

14. AC is everywhere so bring a sweater.

Classrooms at ASU are freezing most of the time, so be prepared. Certain dorms with central air, like PV West was for me, are so cold so bring sweaters and have more than one blanket lying around!


15. The dining halls have closing hours.

Keep in mind the closing times and the adjusted hours for breaks because only dining halls take meal swipes and sometimes you can’t afford to go out! You can always find the hours online here.

16. You can have a dog in the dorms…

But there is a catch, you need to train a Seeing Eye dog and then give it up to its new owner once it’s trained.

17. Living off campus is easier than you think.

You don’t need to shell out a ton to have a place close to campus. I live less than a block away in a one bed apartment for $750 a month everything but electricity included. Be choosey and start hunting early if you want a place close to campus like me! They fill up VERY quickly!

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18. ASU is close to so much.

You have a whole city and beyond available to you from a simple light rail ride or even walk. Mill Ave, Tempe Marketplace, Phoenix and much more is all around you so explore it! Go hiking, shopping, or even pizza restaurant hopping!

Check out some of these great shopping areas and hiking areas:


Downtown Tempe

Tempe Marketplace

Mesa Riverview


Parks and Trails

Tempe Town Lake

19. The gym is so nice, use it!

The gym is gorgeous, they have very nice equipment and it is all free for students. Utilize it for classes like weight training, playing basketball with your buddies, swimming and sunbathing by the beautiful and humongous pool or just doing your own workout!


20. Have fun, explore, dream, and make new friends.

This is “the time of your life” so make the most of it!!!


What else do you think every ASU student should know? Feel free to comment below. If these tips helped you, don’t forget to share!
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