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20 Trends That Every 90’s Kid Remembers

20 Trends That Every 90’s Kid Remembers

Born in the 90’s? Keep reading for 20 things that you’ll be able to relate to!

1. Disney Channel was your favorite channel.

…and I mean the REAL Disney channel…That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana… Not that weird ant farm sh*t that’s playing now…


2. Speaking of Disney channel, do you remember Twitches?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses Tia and Tamera.  I’m pretty sure I watched that movie every Friday night. We can’t forget about Halloweentown either!!

3. One word…TAMOGATCHIS.

If you didn’t own one of these, I would honestly stop reading now… I felt like the coolest person around using one of these. To this day, I still don’t understand what the point of them was. I just remember being obsessed!


4. Webkinz.

It’s actually embarrassing how many of these I bought, not to mention my username was “cutiecatdancer”… I don’t think I need to say more.


5. Nintendo DS and Gameboys.

If you didn’t play Sims on here, you were truly missing out…

6. Scrunchies!

…who am I kidding, I still wear these now… but for real scrunchies were the business.


7. Lisa Frank.

I’m still embarrassed that I ever owned these, but I used them for everything!


8. Hit Clips…

A.k.a. the singlehandedly best way to listen to music during the pre iPod generation. My music taste usually ranged somewhere between Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney, but hey, I can’t say they’re not still the best throwbacks.

9. AIM & Skype.

…just a couple of social medias guys used to be 6th grade f*@&boys… It’s pretty funny how sliding into the dm’s has been around way before twitter was even invented..


10. MASH.

You probably played this game on a field trip… you would continue to play until you got the dream life, with your dream boy/girl of course.

11. You actually bought CD’S…

And counted down the days until they would come out.


12. L’Oreal “no tears” shampoo…

that stuff burnt your eyes worse than you could ever imagine… liars.


13. Blockbuster was your favorite place to go to.

Oh, the life before Netflix.

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14. You actually threw crumpled up notes at your crush at one point or another..

Such smooth flirting skills!

15. You legitimately used disposable cameras on trips, and had fun with them.


16. Justice and Limited Two were everyone’s top fashion choices…

17. You either had a “razor” phone or sidekick

And you felt way more cool than you should have..


18. Girls, you crimped your hair

Ha, ha. You thought it was cute.

19. You probably blasted “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas and danced alone in your room until someone walked in.. again

…Or that might’ve just been me.


20. Warheads were your favorite candy.

Because everyone just loves that painfully sour flavor!

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