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20 Things You Should Definitely Bring To College

20 Things You Should Definitely Bring To College

For all the freshmen out there with packing lists, these are 20 things you definitely need to bring to college!

Freshman year is one of the scariest, most nerve-wracking times in a student’s life. However, one of the easiest ways to alleviate that stress is by making sure you are prepared. Purchasing essential items that you’ll need all year is key to your preparation. Here is a list of the 20 things you shouldn’t forget to bring to college.

1. Spackling Paste

The last thing someone usually thinks of as something bring to college. If you plan on putting anything on your walls, the best thing you can do for yourself is buy some spackle. Since most of the dorms you’ll encounter typically have white/cream colored walls, this product is amazing because it goes on pink at first but dries as a nice, white color. It can be used to cover up any patches, holes, ripped off paint, and any scrapes on the wall.

2. A Combination Lock

Typically, the rec center will have lockers that don’t have locks on them. Not only is this inconvenient most of the time, but it is also an issue because you never know who is around and could touch your valuables. It’s key to invest in a combination lock that only you know the code for so you can work out in peace, knowing that your valuables are safe.


3. A Humidifier

If you’re attending school in an area less warm and humid, you should definitely consider a humidifier as one of the things you should bring to college. You wouldn’t think that you need this, but trust me, (take it from someone with allergies and asthma,) you absolutely do. Most dorms, especially the traditional ones, have nothing but dry, stale air and if your building is anything like mine was freshman year, it most likely has a lot of mold and that will make you sick constantly. Avoid the health center and invest in an inexpensive humidifier that will get the job done.

4. A Foam Mattress Topper

Dorm room beds are so uncomfortable! I mean, think about the other people that have used that same bed that you’re now in and the amount of wear and tear the mattress has experienced. A foam topper is a great way to ensure that your bed is as comfortable as you want it to be and trust me, you’ll be so comfortable, you’ll never want to go to class (but you have to anyway!) They can be a bit pricey but invest in a good one and you will never regret it!

5. Bed Risers

Bed risers are such a lifesaver! A lot of times, you’ll find that you have extra furniture in your dorm room that you don’t want taking up space anymore. If you can’t loft your bed in your dorm, bed risers help to lift your bed, significantly increasing the amount of space you’re able to use under your bed. Definitely a necessary item to bring to college.


6. Command Hooks

If you plan on hanging picture frames, canvases, or stringing lights around your dorm, command hooks will be your best friend. They come in different shapes and sizes and do such an amazing job of keeping your decorations in place.

7. A First Aid Kit

Always always always make sure you keep a first aid kit handy. I can’t stress this enough. My biggest mistake freshman year was never having a first aid kit and always having to use my friend’s. They come equipped with band-aids, ointment, gloves, pain relievers, and other necessities to help you if you become injured.

8. A Planner

Although a lot of us use their gmail calendar or iphone apps, I still like keeping track of things in my planner specifically for homework. Agenda books are the first item I buy every year before school starts. I try to always find one that will last me the entire year so I can easily keep track of everything I have to do for the next two semesters. Agenda books are becoming much more versatile than they used to be. They aren’t boring black and white ones anymore; now they come in different shapes and sizes, colors, and brands, all great for organizing.


9. A Safe

You definitely want to make sure that your valuables are always protected. If you or your roommate plan on having friends over frequently or if you want to leave your door open to be more social with the people on your floor, please make sure you have a safe. Most safes allow you to create your own code that only you will know and remember, as well as a master key, and you will be the only one to access it. My freshman year I kept my wallet, jewelry, and other valuables in my safe. I particularly like this safe because you can attach it safely to a piece of furniture… otherwise people can just take the whole thing which would defeat the purpose!

10. A Fan

ALWAYS invest in a fan for your room. Even if you’ll be living in an air conditioned unit, you never know if the air will feel cool enough for you. If you live in a traditional dorm, a fan will be your best friend, especially if there’s no air conditioning in your building.


11. Streaming Device

If you love to watch Netflix as much as I do, getting a streaming device will be a no-brainer. Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast or Roku all work in a very similar fashion. You can stream movies and TV shows from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, and more.

12. A Hanging Shoe Organizer

Dorm room closets are so small, whether you’re in a traditional dorm, a suite, or a campus apartment. So utilizing your space and keeping it organized will help your closet seem less cluttered and more spacious. This organizer is something everyone should bring to college because it can fit one to two pairs of shoes per slot and if you have any extras you can actually fill them with scarves, belts, hats, toiletries, etc., (like I did!)

13. A 3-Drawer Storage Cart

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Anyone that knows me knows that my apartment and room back home are all dominated by these carts. They can hold anything you want. I use them in my dorm room and each drawer holds something different. I use them for medications, snacks, and toiletries, and I also store one in the bathroom that holds toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.


14. A Shower Caddy

If you’re living in a traditional dorm, you’re most likely going to have to share a bathroom with what feels like 100 people so obviously you can’t keep your toiletries in there. Make sure you buy a shower caddy that you can bring back and forth with you when you go shower. I would suggest buying two for the year because these tend to get moldy by the end of the first semester so you want to make sure you have a new one for the second chance. Remember, fresh beginnings for the spring!

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15. Shower Shoes and a Shower Cap

Always wear your shower shoes when you go into the communal bathroom. Those floors aren’t cleaned properly or regularly enough and Athlete’s Foot can be easily transmitted from person to person if they have the fungal infection on their feet. You don’t want Athlete’s Foot. It’s not fun. So wear your shower shoes! If you’re a girl you also want to bring a good shower cap especially if you have long hair that takes forever to blow dry and straighten and you don’t feel like doing this everyday.


16. Stationary/Office Supplies

You’ll be writing a ton of papers in college. Invest in a stapler, 3 hole puncher, pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, paper clips, binder clips, and any other stationary supplies that will help you throughout the semester.

17. A Bedrest Pillow

If you like to study in bed or even watch TV a lot and also want to support your back, this pillow will be perfect for you. It is so comfortable, lightweight, and you’ll never have to worry about a sore back when you’re in bed.

18. An Ethernet/HDMI cord

These cords are so helpful and definitely something everyone should bring to college. An ethernet cord is helpful if you need to manually connect to the internet when the Wifi is down. An HDMI cord is important if you want to connect things to your TV or stream from your computer/Amazon Fire.


19. Mini Fridge and Microwave

Most schools have a deal with some kind of microfridge company that lets you rent the unit from them for the semester or the full year, therefore you should definitely take advantage of this! If not,  this is something you’ll want to bring to college. You and your roommate (s) can split the cost and can equally share the space for snacks and drinks.

20. Stain Removing Spray

I personally believe that everyone should carry a Tide-to-go stick in their purse or bookbag for messy moments, but you should also always have a strong stain removing spray that you keep with your detergent and fabric softener for bigger spots. I have a tendency to eat in my bed a lot which of course leads to spills and stains but two quick sprays of my stain remover and a wash later and my sheets or blankets are good as new again.

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