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20 Things Every CSUN Student Should Know

20 Things Every CSUN Student Should Know

CSUN is not like college is in movies. You're more likely to get hit by a BMW than a Frisbee in The Quad. Here are 20 things every CSUN student should know!

CSUN is not that college you see in movies. We have 40,000 students, most of whom live off campus and work. You are more likely to get hit by a BMW in the parking lot than a Frisbee in The Quad. Here are 20 things every CSUN student should know!

1. Your CSUN sweater will get recognized everywhere.

CSUN has over 40,000 students and once they graduate, they tend to get the hell out out of the Valley. CSUN gear has served as a conversation starter as far away as Washington, Montana and Texas.



2. Your crummy kickback is competing with the whole entertainment industry.

It’s hard to get people to come play beer pong in your garage when they could be clubbing in Hollywood, barhopping in DTLA, or seeing a world class concert. Invite twice as many people as you really want to show up and you might be ok.


3. Your professors are a great connection to your field.

It’s common for CSUN professors to teach at several different schools and consult or moonlight with local companies. Get in good with them and you can find yourself fielding job offers before you even graduate.



4. Your classmates are a great connection to everything.

Being a commuter school means that your classmates have jobs, lives, and a wealth of experiences. Be nice to everyone. And, if you decide you want to go rock climbing, visit Tibet, or break into acting, you might have an unexpected ally.


5. There are high-schoolers on campus.

Northridge Academy is on the same lot as CSUN and another High School is across the street: what would you have done as a kid? Make sure that guy or girl you are talking to is voting age, before you go any further.


6. CSUN teaches you the same stuff as UCLA or USC…if you put in the work.

CSUN has excellent professors and many students who have already done something. Unfortunately, they are too busy to hold your hand. If you read the text, ask questions, and listen to your peers, you will get a quality education.

7. The biggest snobs are the most screwed.

CSUN does get some flak from other schools, but usually from people who are upset they spent 80k on an Art History degree. People with good degrees from good schools are generally not interested in putting you down.

8. Rage Against the Machine’s first show was here.

It’s true and it’s on Youtube. Give the bands on campus a chance.


9. Those “Models Wanted” signs are up for a reason.

CSUN has a lot of students whose mommy and daddy aren’t going to pay their tuition.

10. There is a club for everyone!

Like Anime? Like film? Like Jesus? There are a thousand clubs. Try out as many as you can. It’s a great way to meet people and score free food.

11. Don’t buy books at the bookstore.

Ever. Visit this site for discounted student textbooks or ask the professor if you can use an older edition. There is no reason to pay the insulting amounts charged on campus.


12. Administration is trying hard to kickstart campus life.

A few years ago, students parked, went to class, and gtfo. With stuff like the Wellness Center, Farmer’s Market and Big Show, CSUN is trying to get students to stick around after class. If you have an idea, tell someone; it may get funded.

13. Oh yeah…. funding.

Did you know that many departments, the student government, and even individual professors have money they can use for student-run projects? Departments can even pay to send students to conferences or sponsor clubs.

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14. Choose your “Core Books”.

In any major that requires writing essays, there are going to be a few books that are so good you can quote them in any paper. Find them, read them, and underline the best quotes. It will save you a lot of time on essays, and, if you can quote a book at will, chicks will think you’re deep.



15. Get some transportation.

CSUN is huge and you don’t want to have to walk everywhere or, worse yet, re park. Dust off that long board, bike, or hover board.

16. The 99 Cent Store is your best friend.

As a broke college student, this is your spot for school supplies, toys, and even a cheap meal. It is on Reseda on the other side of Nordhoff.

17. You’re an adult now!

Act like it. Many students are stuck in a child-teacher dynamic with their professors. Make eye contact, get to class on time, and have a pen and pad. You will stand out to peers and professors as someone who is on top of their game.


18. “Mandatory” means strongly suggested.

Often, when the school says “mandatory” or “required,” it really means…“We want to scare you into doing this”. Don’t abuse it, but if some requirement is just too much, put on a smile and go talk to someone.

19. Try new things.

CSUN has programs, clubs, and enthusiasts for almost everything you can think of. This is also one of the few times in your life where you are allowed to suck at something. If you think you might be interested in something, do it.


20. CSUN is starved for participants.

Again, CSUN is a commuter school. Compared to the amount of opportunities on campus, there are fewer people willing to participate than at most schools. If you are willing to show up, you will pretty much be guaranteed personalized attention from professors, a position, and possibly leadership opportunities.

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