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20 Things Only College Students With Anxiety Understand

Let’s face it, anxiety sucks. College students with anxiety understand that it can suck even more when you’re in school, trying to deal with the struggles thrown at you daily. Here are a few things anxious students can relate to.

1. Talking to your professors is like talking to God. You must plan everything out several times before you speak.

2. Missing your own bed at home when you are dealing with a panic attack.

3. The fear of almost (but in reality never actually) sleeping through your alarm.


4. Stressing out about that tack hole in the wall that isn’t even yours.

5. Anticipating a fire alarm in the middle of the night.

6. Leaving for a class 45 minuets early that’s only 2 buildings away.

7. Going to the financial aid office for any reason.

8. When there’s a party on your floor and you’re terrified of getting caught, even when you’re not there.

9. College students with anxiety understand that walking into the busy cafeteria is like walking off a cliff.

10. Going to ask the R.D. a question and messing up what you’re going to say in fear of getting a fine for no reason.

11. Finally getting a work study job but messing up one tiny thing and feeling like you should just quit and go home.

12. Forgetting where you put your keys for 10 seconds until you realize they’re in your hand, is equivalent to a near death experience.


13. When you realize you have to do laundry and you think, “what if someone takes all my clothes out of the washer and throws them on the floor?” Like that would happen, right?


14. Taking a shower is not just taking a shower anymore. It’s a constant battle of washing your body and checking to make sure no one stole your towel.

15. When finals week rolls around, you begin to doubt your abilities as a college student – and as a human being – more than ever.

16. College students with anxiety understand the fear of getting called on in class (and answering questions only to realize you are not fit for social interaction anymore).

17. Never getting used to the feeling of NOT being anxious.

18. Grade deductions due to lack of class participation.

19. When random people attempt to make conversation with you but you’re never in the mood to talk because you’re too afraid you’ll mess it up.

20. Constantly trying to cope with your struggle.

College students with anxiety understand that all we can do is try, and that’s all that matters for now.

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Jaimie Mitchell

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