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20 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To Public School

Thinking back to those glorified high school days, I must admit, I had a pretty flippin’ awesome time. Of course there were days when getting up to see those all too familiar faces wasn’t something I wanted on my agenda. For others, neither was getting rammed into lockers while passing people in the hallways, or going to the principal’s office for scrawling “Julia is a raging alcoholic” on the wall. These things only make sense to those of us who were born into that wild and untamed society that we like to call: public school. If you know what I’m talking about…chances are, you definitely went to public school.

1. You’ve literally seen the same people for the last eight years of your life walking the hallways.

And they never leave.

2. Gossiping before the start of school next to the lockers was an absolute must.

Late for the gossip sesh? Sorry, Stacy, you have to wait to find out the juicy news until lunch break!

3. School uniforms were terrifying thoughts; we were all about that “self-expression” life and loved the mini skirt.

While you’re at it, gossip about the school uniforms before school starts too.

4. Everyone knew everything about everyone.

And I mean everyone. Don’t try to say that nobody knows anything about you because oh, honey, they sure do.

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5. You basically spent the first two years of your education doodling.

That counts as learning, right?


6. The nicest field trip you ever went on was to the woods in the back of the school.

7. Those woods became your best friend.

They were always there for you when you wanted to escape paying attention in class.

8. Having people say “happy birthday” to you on the morning announcements was a gift from God.

9. You had to learn how to play a recorder.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

10. You’ve done like a million book reports.

11. Yes, forking the school lawn was a thing.

Along with tons of other “amazing” senior pranks.

12. There was always that one teacher who played at least three pointless YouTube videos during every class.

But you didn’t mind. Better than a pop quiz, right?

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13. If you were caught running in the halls, there was no way you’d get out of going back and walking.

14. Spring break was spent hanging out with the same people you saw every day at school.

15. There was always that one teacher who wore the same outfit.

Every. Single. Thursday.

16. “Your mom!” was the most widely known – and used – comeback.

No matter the situation.

17. The “school budget” was something you heard parents talk about on the reg.

18. Once a new trend hit, it spread through the school like a wild fire.

Hated the trend? You still did it because you wanted to be cool.

19. Having a boyfriend for literally two days was definitely a thing that every girl did.
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20. Having pizza for lunch was the best day ever.

It was the only substance that came out of the cafeteria that you could recognize.

What else can you relate to if you went to public school? Comment below!

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