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20 Student Discounts Around UCLA You Should Know About

20 Student Discounts Around UCLA You Should Know About

When we are in college we generally stop living with our parents, and even though we still depend on them financially, we start self-managing the money we get from them and start making our own choices. At the beginning this can be really hard; we tend to spend the money on booze, clothes, and other slightly unnecessary things until we end up with only 20 bucks for the rest of the month. Well, I have found a way to spend money on what I want while also saving money- so I can have both. Because we are students, we sometimes forget that we can find benefits for simply being students, but we can-especially when we are BRUINS! Keep reading for 20 student discounts around UCLA that every student should know about!

Discounts For Food

Carl’s Jr.

Who hasn’t been to Carl’s Jr. for a quick breakfast or for a great hamburger after class? Well, Carl’s Jr. Coupons exist! Check their website and get $1 OFF for certain breakfast items or certain hamburgers (it is always a different option so you don’t get tired of the coupons).



All students eat a sub at least once a week but not all know that Subway has 10% off discount for students, no coupon required, only a validated ID. Next time you head in to get the Sub of the Day remember the discount!



Who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-A? Well, on Mondays you can get a free sandwich with the purchase of a drink or side. Not a bad deal!

Jamba Juice

Jamba Insider Rewards  gives you $3 OFF for joining and for every 35 points plus a birthday offer.  You receive 1 point for every $1 you spend. Now you can start your mornings in a healthy way with a delicious juice at an even tastier price.


Hands down one of the best kept secrets in terms of student discounts around UCLA! In LA we all love Mexican food, and we have many great offers in the area- but you need to know that at Rubio’s you only need to submit your email to get a free taco! After that, you’ll get special discounts to your email. FREE TACOS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


Whole Foods

We are not fans of grocery shopping. But we have to understand that making our own food is better for our pockets and overall health. To save even more, Whole Foods Market has a sales and coupons section.


Similar to Whole Foods, Sprouts, (the economical market in the area) also has great coupons. Show your student ID and get additional discounts when buying groceries.

Discounts For Transportation

Shuttle Wizard

Not so many people know this, but ShuttleWizard has a discount coupon just for UCLA students! They have car rides and shuttle airport services. Next time you are traveling DON’T PARK AT THE AIRPORT! (Trust me, it’s really expensive, especially on holidays.) Make sure to use a shuttle instead!


StudentRate Travel

StudentRate Travel is one of the wonderful student discounts around UCLA. This is a great resource to use when looking for any discounts or promo codes! Available to all students, not just those around the UCLA campus!


Student Universe

If you are planning a trip, you can find great deals at Student Universe!

Remember to check the International Development Studies Program to see if they have a program abroad (it’s a safe and more economical way to travel).


Discounts For Shopping Online


If you are shopping online, visit StudentRate‘s fashion page for discounts from favorite stores like Forever21, Express, Pacsun, or Charlotte Russe.


Discounts For Shopping at Westfield Century City and Westside Pavilion Mall

J. Crew

J.Crew offers a 15% discount to all teachers and college students when they shop in stores and show a valid school ID at checkout.

Banana Republic

Show your college student ID at any Banana Republic store, and you’ll get 15% off all full priced items.


Charlotte Russe

At participating Charlotte Russe locations (luckily Westside Pavilion store is one of them) students can get 10% off all merchandise.

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Discounts For Distractions

Core Power Yoga

Another one of the best student discounts around UCLA! Get that yoga body you want this season with the Black Tag Membership at Core Power Yoga and receive special prices if you are a full time student! First month $89 and 20% OFF training & programs. They have a class every hour from 6 am to 10 pm so NO EXCUSES!



I am sure every UCLA student has been to SEPI’S but not all know that on game days they give $1 PBRs for every Bruin’s touchdown or 3-point play (old fashioned 3)! Go BRUINS!

Palomino Restaurant and Bar

UCLA students love this place because it has all-day, every-day happy hour. Check the website for more updated offers like mother’s day special prices or valentines offers.


Want to go to the movies but you don’t have much money? Show your student ID at the box office to get a special student rate at Cinemark theaters.


LA County Museum of Art

If you are waiting for an exhibition or just want to spend an artistic day at Los Angeles County Museum of Art remember that you only pay $10 by showing your Student ID!

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is always a good idea for the weekend, and recently they have partnered with colleges and universities around California to give us benefits. We are on the list, so buy your ticket and show your Bruin blood.

With these student discounts around UCLA in your back pocket you won’t have to ask your parents for a second deposit in your account each month!

If you are a UCLA student and know more discounts that we can get around campus, don’t hesitate to comment below! Don’t forget to share this article with a friend and spread the good advice!
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