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20 Snapchats that Were Meant to Stay Private

20 Snapchats that Were Meant to Stay Private

Ah, Snapchat. Something invented to make it easier to communicate, send nudeys and humiliate your friends’ existence. But what was made to be a fun app, has undoubtedly taken over today’s society. People can’t do anything without taking a photo and putting it on their My Story for all their fellow snappers to see. If it wasn’t on your story, did it actually happen? Some things happen that people just have to capture and share, and oftentimes what’s meant to stay private, well, doesn’t. Instead, it’s shared all over the Internet. Here are 20 of those moments.


1. Proud Mother Daughter moment.

Perfect Snapchats - Mums gone wild


2. We call this embarrassing.

Perfect Snapchats - schoolboy

3. It’s happened to all of us, man. But, was it necessary to let everyone know?

Perfect Snapchats - no toilet paper

4. Turning the Walk of Shame to the Snap of Shame

Perfect Snapchats - chap


5. Shining, shimmering, splendid

Perfect Snapchats

6. Next up, twerking on Robin Thicke.

Perfect Snapchats - wrecking ball

7. Hoping someone on her friends lists would be able to fill her in on what/who she did last night.

Perfect Snapchats - who is that


8. Guess chivalry isn’t dead.

Perfect Snapchats - math homework

9. No comment.

Perfect Snapchats - lol

10. No, we don’t. Not sure we would understand it either…

Perfect Snapchats - story


11. How Kylie Jenner got her inspiration.

Perfect Snapchats - duckfacefail

12. You don’t need makeup, bro.

Perfect Snapchats - no make up

13. What. Is. That?!

Perfect Snapchats - nom nom


14. The moment when friendship turns into a bromance and is captured for the whole world to share. *Aww*

Perfect Snapchats - woke up

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15. Solid 0.5. Congrats.

Perfect Snapchats - rated


16. Just a dude and his cat spending QT together.

Perfect Snapchats - kittybath

17. What exactly is this trying to accomplish?

Perfect Snapchats - small face

18. Are you saying whoops because you actually snapchatted this or slept with a stranger?

Perfect Snapchats - whoops


19. No comment.

Perfect Snapchats - ithurts

20. Bubbles are the devil.

Perfect Snapchats - bubbles

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