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20 Signs You’ve Found Your Person

20 Signs You’ve Found Your Person

Finding that one person who just gets you, who knows exactly what you’re thinking, how your feeling, and everything in between…isn’t exactly easy. But when you finally do, you’ll know it right away. Here are 20 signs you’ve found your person – your I-don’t-know-what-I’d-do-without-her-BFF.

1. You laugh until you cry together.

Sometimes laughing until you cry with your best friend is the best feeling in the world even if it’s over the silliest things!



2. Her problems are your problems.

The second your best friend calls you on the phone with a dilemma, you feel obligated to help her stand up and face her problems. Whether it’s stepping in or being there to listen; you always know you have her back.

3. You ask each other for advice.

When you run into a situation she’s the first one you’re going to call. You want to make sure your solution is the right one and her advice matters to you.



4. You go on vacation together.

Going on vacation together is a great way to bond with your best friend. It brings you closer to each other and each other’s families and values.



5. You talk about other relationships.

There’s always gossip to talk about between the two of you, whether it’s good or bad. You talk about what’s going on in your school or about boyfriends or family.

6. You take cute friendship pictures.

You document every memory with your best friend by taking #BFFgoal selfies for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.



7. You’re honest with each other.

Whether you know when she’s not going to like the truth and when to give to her, you know when to be honest with her about certain things you agree or even disagree on. You know your opinion matters to her and you want your best friend to know how you feel.

8. You share food.

When she lets you take a piece of her food without asking or getting annoyed, you know you guys are on good terms in your friendship.



9. You introduce each other with the line, “this is my best friend, (name).”

When she introduces you to other friends or family members and uses the line “This is my best friend, (name),” you can pretty much rest assured you’ve found your person.


10. You guys jam out to your favorite music.

From country music to rap, you guys jam out all the time to a variety of music. Whether it’s in the car or in each other room, you don’t care who’s watching or judges, after all that’s why you’re best friends!


11. You just walk in to their house without knocking.

When you invite her over your house and she just feels comfortable enough to walk in without feeling rude, that means she’s comfortable enough with your friendship that your home is her home (and vice versa, obviously).

12. You open their fridge without asking.

Not only do you walk into each other’s house without asking, but you you have no problem opening their fridge when you’re hungry.



13. You borrow each other’s clothes.

You love her clothing style and she loves yours, so when you need to borrow a cute dress for a party or jeans for school, you know she is your go-to girl. Sometimes you might even consider matching!



14. You can go days without talking and it’s like you guys never stopped.

You two have very different lifestyles and can often become very busy…but you guys are okay with that. Texting or talking to each other after long periods of time brings fresh air into the friendship, and it’s basically like there was never a pause at all.

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15. You get jealous when they hang out with other friends.

You and your BFF probably have other friends in your life besides each other. She’s obviously your number one, so when she chooses to hang out with someone else, you can’t help but feel a little jealous. No one else can have your person!


16. Silence is comfortable for the both of you.

Whether it’s silence in the car or during a sleepover or even when walking together, the silence between you two doesn’t give off awkward vibes…it’s just comfortable.


17. You only look forward to school because of them.

Waking up at 5 am to go to class seems like a drag, but then you remember what’s waiting for you there, and it makes it that much easier.



18. They accept you and recognize you as an individual.

She may disagree with some of your values and beliefs, but you open up to her anyways because you know she accepts you for who you are and that’s why she’s your person.



19. She keeps her promises. Always.

No matter what the promise or secret is, you know you can trust her with that promise.



20. You guys comfort each other.

We all have those moments where we just need to cry or vent for a few minutes or so. You know she’s the one who won’t judge and will comfort and listen with an open heart. She hugs you until you stop crying, wipes away your tears, and pulls you together.

What are some other signs you’ve found your person? Share in the comments!

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