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20 Signs You’re in Zeta Phi Kappa

20 Signs You’re in Zeta Phi Kappa

1. You own at least one key necklace.

2. You have more clothes with ZΦK on it than clothes without it.

3. Your purple swishy is always your go-to jacket.


4. You are probably obsessed with Disney and or Harry Potter.


5. Your closet is packed full of shirts with Greek Group letters…

…From all the fundraisers you’ve attended…because you can’t pass up a chance to hangout with out your sisters.



6. You know never to make plans for Wednesdays at 6:30.

7. If a song has been changed with Zeta lyrics you will forever sing the Zeta lyrics.

8. You say “we were founded in 2011” with Pride.

9. You never have to worry about an outfit on Wednesdays…

10. But you do have to worry about what shirt with letters you should wear.


11. Anything purple or teal you MUST buy.

12. Big Hearts, FMLS, and Prayers at the end of meetings reassures you that your sisters have your back.

13. October 21st will never be just a normal day.

And it will always hold a special place in your heart.

14. You never have to hide your weird side.

Because your sisters are just as weird as you are.

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15. You know you will have at least one Zeta waving at you obnoxiously when you walk across campus.

Or yelling at you from across the Quad.


16. You will never be able to simply do the Gas Pedal dance or listen to the song without thinking of the Zetas.

17. You know your alumni aren’t 40 year old women.

But instead, 20-something year olds who would never pass up the chance to get their drink on.


18. You have at least a dozen notifications per hour of people posting on the Zeta Phi Kappa Facebook page.

19. You have made at least one envelope out of paper to use for turn-in money.

20. You know, without a doubt, you found your home in Zeta Phi Kappa and you couldn’t ask for better sisters!
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