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20 Signs You’re A Serial Monogamist

20 Signs You’re A Serial Monogamist

Are you one of those people who’s either falling in love or out of love (with absolutely no in between)? We know your type; jumping from one relationship to the next, always on the hunt for something new before even leaving the old. I hate to break it to you, but you just might be a serial monogamist…

So what’s the difference between a serial monogamist and a serial dater? A serial monogamist always wants to be in a relationship, a serial dater is not trying to take it that far. A serial monogamist is seeing only one person at a time, while the dater can be seeing multiple people at one time. A monogamist embraces commitment, while the dater is not trying to be tied down.

So how do you spot a serial monogamist? How do you know if you are one? Here are the signs to look out for!


1. You don’t remember the last time you didn’t have a boyfriend.

At least longer than a week.

2. And during that week of singledom, you don’t even bother telling people you’re “single.”

Because by tomorrow you probably won’t be.

3. Or have even told people your “seeing someone.”

Because one date totally counts as such.


4. Your friends often forget who you’re dating at the moment.

They know it’s someone, but that “someone” has changed so many times over the past few months, it’s hard to keep track.

5. And you’ve accepted this because’s totally fair.

TBH, sometimes it takes you a few seconds too long to remember who you’re dating.

6. You like the idea of dating…

But not actually doing it. You don’t want to meet a bunch of people, you just want one. The one. (The one for now at least.)


7. You’ve started looking for another relationship before the one you’re in has even ended.

Just to be prepared.

8. So you’ve set your expectations pretty low.

“That person will do for now.”

9. Which results in relationships often short lived.

Rushing into a relationship means you don’t really have a chance to see what the other person is like, and if your personalities actually mesh.


10. You would never, ever cheat.

You may jump from one relationship to the next, but you would never jump from person to person, mid-relationship.

11. And you’re definitely a romantic.

You just love love. Maybe a little too much. In fact, you might be addicted.

12. Favorite song? An emotional ballad. Favorite movie? A sappy romance. Favorite book?

Need I go on?

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13. While you like the idea of commitment…

I mean, it’s romantic, how could you not?

14. It scares the hell out of you.

Once things start to become serious you suddenly start to feel claustrophobic.


15. Which is why you usually end a relationship before taking the “next step.”

16. So you call it quits. Again.

On to the next one.

17. But that’s okay, because you get to fall in love all over again with someone new.

And that couldn’t excite you more.

18. You’ve quickly jumped into a relationship because the physical chemistry is amazing.

Which blinds you from the lack of emotional chemistry.


19. When you tell your friends you’re in love, they roll their eyes.

This used to piss you off, but now you don’t really blame them.

20. The things that scares you the most is being alone.

While I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I’ll tell you again- being single ain’t so bad!

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