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20 Signs You’re Obsessed With One Tree Hill

20 Signs You’re Obsessed With One Tree Hill

Oh One Tree Hill, the show that so many of us love and have watched religiously. This show is an emotional roller coaster, but it’s so worth it! Here, I give you the 20 signs you’re obsessed with One Tree Hill.

1. Sophia Bush is your woman crush Wednesday, every Wednesday.

Seriously, she is the most perfect human being to ever grace this planet. Just saying.

2. You wish you could have a relationship like Haley and Nathan.

They are relationship goals! Yes, they had some hardships during their relationship that tested them (Chris Keller, Season 9, etc.), but they made it through those tough times, which made them even stronger (this is what made them relationship goals in my book).


3. You have an unrealistic relationship expectation because of Naley.

You can only dream of having a relationship like Haley and Nathan (maybe not the bad parts but let’s be real, every relationship goes through hard times). The fact that they loved each other so much is what every girl wants in a relationship.

4. You are constantly taking One Tree Hill quizzes.

Every time you see a quiz, you just can’t help but to take it. You need to see if you get Brooke Davis on the “what character are you?” quiz.

5. You follow every One Tree Hill Twitter account there is.

If you’re like me, you need your daily dose of One Tree Hill quotes and pictures. The day just isn’t complete without them.


6. Any time you see memorabilia, you need to have it.

I can’t be the only one who wants a “clothes over bros” tank, or a Keith Scott body shop hoodie, right?

7. When you meet someone who is equally obsessed, you have a rant session.

This happens a lot. You’ll be working on a group project and you start talking about Netflix and what you watch, and of course you say One Tree Hill. The next thing you know, you aren’t doing the project anymore; instead it turns into a “how did you feel about this part or this character?” vent session.

8. You follow the One Tree Hill actors and actresses on every social media platform.

Hello my name is ____ and I follow all of the actors that were on One Tree Hill.


9. Visiting Wilmington, North Carolina is on your bucket list.

If this isn’t on your bucket list, then what are you doing with your life!? This is where One Tree Hill was filmed. You can take a tour and see where they filmed, plus you can see the houses of Brooke, Payton, and Lucas!

10. You tell all your friends to watch One Tree Hill, just so you can talk to them about it.

You need someone to rant to, right? If you’re like me, you can’t help but tell your friends to watch One Tree Hill so that you can talk to each other about the characters and what’s happening in that season because let’s be real, every season is crazy!

11. You get overly excited when the friends you have told to watch One Tee Hill, actually do.

It’s gotten to the point where, when they finish the first couple of episodes, you can’t help but bombard them with questions. I’m sure everyone has that one friend. I should know, because I am that one friend.


12. Since you basically know the show inside and out, you can’t help but give them a heads up.

Whenever I tell someone to watch One Tree Hill, I give them a heads up. Mostly that you get so addicted that it’s basically all you can think about and that you get emotionally involved with every character. I also give them a heads up on some of the characters – mostly the main ones – but I don’t give anything away.


13. When your friends rant to you about a big part, you can’t help but say, “I told you so.”

There are so many big jaw-dropping and suspenseful parts in that show (season 3 with crazy nanny Carrie, all of season 9, that one bridge, you know what I’m talking about) that when they freak out about it, you can’t help but just sit there with the “I told you so” face and vent with them.

14. Any time something reminds you of One Tree Hill, you have to bring it up, even if the people around you don’t understand.

I have had this happened to me numerous times; one was in my English class where the one chapter was called “An Unkindness of Ravens.” Of course I flipped out and took a double take when I saw this, for obvious reasons. I then shared this vital information (it needed to be brought up) to my class, where no one even knew what I was talking about.

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15. You have watched all 9 seasons at least twice (or more).

No TV show can compare to your OTH love.


16. You have very strong opinions about each character.

Dan, Chris Keller, Alex, Nanny Carrie, Deb, the list could go on. I’ll just leave these names here for you.

17. You want your future kids to be like Jamie and Lydia Scott.

Jamie and Lydia are probably the cutest kids on that show, and you can’t help but want your children to be like them.

18. You can’t help but get upset when you see pictures of the cast now.

I mean have you seen how grown up Jamie Lucas Scott looks? I get so sad seeing pictures of him because I just want him to stay little forever!


19. You can name what season an episode was in, just by the description of that episode

I do this all the time, especially with the big things that happen in this show. For example, Nanny Carrie was season 6 and the scandal (you know, with Nathan?) was season 7. I could go on about this.

20. For you, no show will ever compare to One Tree Hill.

No show will EVER compare to One Tree Hill; not even Gossip Girl. It will always carry a special place in your heart that no other show has done or will do.

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