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20 Signs You’re Obsessed With To Do Lists

20 Signs You’re Obsessed With To Do Lists

I often wonder whether I could successfully get through the day without writing down everything I need to do. I fear that without my lists, I wouldn’t know which way was up. I know for a fact that there are other ‘to-do listers’ out there, so I composed a list of signs you’re obsessed with to do lists.

1. You start by writing something on your list that you’ve already done, just so you can cross it off straight away.

2. You write the simplest thing, such as “brush teeth,” just so you can guarantee you’ll cross something else off the list.

3. If you’re obsessed with to do lists, you write your lists in your best handwriting and decorate the edges of the paper.

4. You complete all of the easiest tasks on your to do list so you feel like you’re being very productive.

5. You then start contemplating life when you have all the long, boring tasks at the end.

6. You know that if you don’t write your to do list, you will sit around and do nothing all day.

7. You add something fun to your list so you have something to look forward to and you won’t die of total boredom.

8. You write to do lists within to do lists and blow your own mind.

9. You see your to do list you set yourself for tomorrow and want to cry whilst eating all the food in your house.

10. You always know what you’re doing and you have no reason to doubt it because after all, you have everything written down.

11. You make a to do list for tomorrow, and include it on today’s to do list. This is crucial (for you mental well being).

12. If for some reason you forget to make a to do list, you panic and freak out wondering how in the world this could have happened.


13. If you’re obsessed with to do lists, they make your world go round. You make lists of where you hope to travel, what clothes to buy, what you want to eat, and so on.


14. No matter how many apps you download or notes you create, nothing will beat the satisfaction of crossing your tasks off with an actual pen.

15. When you have a short to do list, it doesn’t feel natural.

16. When you’re going on vacation, you already know what you’re taking and what you’re buying, because you had everything written down even before it was booked.

17. You have notebooks everywhere.

18. You can’t always be spontaneous, you must sometimes be organized.

19. When you finish your to do list early, you wonder if everything you did, you did wrong.


20. You celebrate that you’ve finished your long, terrible to do list by writing another to do list.

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