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20 Signs You’re From New Hampshire

20 Signs You’re From New Hampshire

If you’re from here, I’m sure you can agree that New Hampshire is a wicked awesome state. But there are also several things that happen to us that only we can understand. Here are some signs you’re from New Hampshire.


1. You wore shorts yesterday and snow pants today.

2. You only have one area code to memorize.

3. You think every river you see is the Merrimack River.


4. If someone pronounces “Concord” as Con-Cord, you will no longer accept them in the state of New Hampshire.

5. You eat bread out of a can. You love it and you are not afraid to let it be known.

6. Everything is not just cool, it’s wicked cool.

7. You ate a Hoodsie at all of your friend’s birthday parties and felt like a boss doing so.

8. You get a taste of every kind of surrounding – mountains, beaches, cities, small towns, urban settings, and country settings.

9. You put more coffee milk in your coffee than coffee itself.

10. The sound of Fritz Wetherbee’s voice is like the voice from a close relative.

11. Ever since the old man in the mountain fell, a part of you has seemed missing.

12. You always have to explain your accent.

13. You know how to pronounce “Coös” (it is now how it looks) and you know where it is.

14. You understand how awful frost heaves are when they appear out of the blue.

15. You know there’s a real town called “Dummer.”

16. You don’t understand why it’s such a thrill to see a moose or a bear because they are practically in your backyard.

17. Kancamag, Kangaman, the Kank… it’s all the same thing and we LOVE it.

18. Fall is just better here.

19. You have no sales tax.

20. No matter where you go, you know that New Hampshire is the most beautiful place to be.

Have anything to add to these signs you’re from New Hampshire? Comment below!

Featured image source: ryaneyestonephoto.