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20 Signs You’re From Florida

20 Signs You’re From Florida

If you’re a Floridian, you’re probably very familiar with these 15 signs you’re from Florida.

1. You aren’t phased by words like “Okeechobee,” “Hiawassee,” “Timucuan,” or “Osceola.”

2. Parking close to the store is not the most important thing. Parking under shade is.

3. You never really need to bring an umbrella.

Because the storm will be over in about 10 minutes.
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4. Hurricanes and lovebugs have their own seasons.

5. You have to explain to non-Floridians where your hometown is in relation to Miami or Orlando.

6. No other grocery store can compare to Publix Supermarket.

7. People are surprised if you’re young.

Most just assume the entire state consists of retirees.


8. You always have great restaurants popping up.

9. The smell of the beach is your own personal aromatherapy.

10. Flip flops are perfectly acceptable footwear for all occasions.

And you definitely have multiple pairs in your closet.
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11. You feel like all the mosquitoes of the world are out to get you in the summer.

Which they totally are.

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12. You know the best times of year to visit Disney World.

And in what order to ride the attractions.

13. If you can drive in Florida, you think you can drive anywhere.

14. Heat doesn’t really bother you.

Since you live in the eternal inferno that is Florida.

15. You live where everyone else wants to vacation.

Have any other signs you’re from Florida? Comment below!

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