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20 Signs You’re The Firstborn

20 Signs You’re The Firstborn

1. The expectations your parents set for you are higher than any of your other siblings.

You’re the firstborn, which means your parents are probably expecting you to be the best example you can be for the rest of your brothers and sisters. This requires you to always make sure your grades are the highest they can be, not get in trouble in school, participate in all the extracurriculars your parents involve you in, and be “the golden child” so your siblings can follow in your footsteps.

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2. Your parents are a lot stricter with you than with your other siblings.

You had a much earlier curfew than the rest of your siblings. You also weren’t allowed to watch certain movies until you were of age. And don’t even mention dating.


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3. You know that, more often than not, your younger sibling can get away with a lot more than you can.

Because you’re the firstborn and the leader of the clan, your parents always have an eye on you, so trying to get away with something is like trying to find the Bermuda Triangle – next to impossible.

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4. Your hand-me-downs are sacred and are passed down multiple times between siblings.

Don’t be surprised if one day you walk into your closet and find a good portion of your clothes gone. Don’t be surprised, either, when you see your sister or brother wearing your favorite shirt or pair of jeans because your mom took it upon herself to give them away.

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5. Your parents forever have a live-in babysitter for when they go out.

Forget about making plans for Friday night – your parents have a dinner they need to go to, which means you’ll be stuck at home taking care of your siblings. When you tell your siblings you’re in charge, they most likely stick their tongue out at you and run and hide.


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6. You’re called “bossy” because of your tendency to take charge and be responsible.

It’s not your fault you’re the firstborn, therefore giving you the authority to occasionally remind your siblings to pick up after themselves or quit fighting with each other. And okay, yes, you are also guilty of bossing your siblings around and making them do things for you, but it’s all with good intentions.

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7. If and when you do get in trouble, your punishment is a lot more severe than any of your siblings’.

Because you’re the oldest, you should know what’s wrong and what’s right. “You should know better” is the phrase your parents use when you get caught doing something you’re not supposed to. Coming home 15 minutes after curfew? Grounded for a month. Your younger brother punches your other brother? Dad tells him not to do it again. Completely unfair.

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8. Your siblings copy your every single move.

From the way you dress to the way you speak to the places you hang out, your siblings will most likely copy you. This means that they’ll also want to be cheer captain, soccer manager, and student council secretary. The list goes on. This also means that if you try to disobey your parents or get away with something, your siblings will try to do that too – and that just won’t end well for anyone.


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9. You get blamed for everything.

The cookie jar being empty? Your fault. That stain on the carpet? Your fault. The dog escaping from the backyard? Most definitely your fault. Any mischief your siblings cause? Always your fault.

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10. You go through all the milestones in life first.

First broken bone, first kiss, first heartbreak, first A+ (and F), etc. You have already gone through everything, so of course you are your siblings’ go-to person whenever they go through one of their “firsts.” You are there to tell them about your experience and hopefully pass along some wisdom.

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11. You automatically hold all the answers and words of advice according to your siblings.

The older you get, the wiser you become (or so the saying goes). If your siblings ever need help with their homework, they come to you to help them out. If they’re having trouble with friends or boys/girls at school, you are there to offer advice on how to deal with their issues.

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12. You are your siblings’ biggest cheerleader.

You may cheer on your siblings a little bit more than your parents because no matter how annoying they may be, you want them to succeed. At your sister’s ballet recitals you hope she nails every turn and leap like a professional. At your brother’s spelling bee you spell every word along with him and clap like a madman when gets the answer right. Their achievements are your achievements because somewhere along the way, you helped them get there.

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13. You are way too overprotective of your younger siblings.

You mess with them and you mess with me. No one (except you, of course) is allowed to make fun of, or even look at, your siblings the wrong way. If they do they have to deal with the oldest sibling wrath, because no one can mess with them under your watch.

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14. You are your younger siblings’ personal chauffeur.

Being the oldest sibling comes with a lot of responsibility and one of those responsibilities is apparently getting your license and having to bring your siblings to and from school (along with all the other places they convince you of taking them to).

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15. Your siblings call you first if they get themselves in trouble.

Of course they’re going to call their cool older sibling to help them out because they want to avoid your mom and dad finding out about their mischief at all cost. Being the good older sibling that you are, you always come to their rescue and help them hide it from your parents – until they find out, because let’s be real, parents find out everything.

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16. Sharing is no longer a foreign concept to you.

You share pretty much everything with your siblings. Food, clothes, rooms, and shoes -anything that you can share, you have and you will, whether you want to or not. This is why you are always so willing to share the last slice of pie with someone because after years and years of practice, sharing has become second nature to you.


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17. Your siblings are your built-in/lifelong friends and you can pretty much make them hang out with you whenever you want.

Having siblings means that you will forever have someone to hang out with if you’re bored. Even if they think you’re lame, it doesn’t matter, because they can’t say no to hanging out with their elders.

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18. You can make your siblings believe pretty much anything.

This can be both good and bad because if your parents find out you made your brother believe the Boogeyman lives in his closet, it won’t end well. However, making them believe the moon is made out of cheese is worth a couple giggles, right?

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19. Your love for them beats the love you had for that boy band when you were a preteen.

Yes, they’re annoying as can be, but deep down you love them unconditionally. You love the little dance they do when they hear your favorite song, and you especially love when they can tell you’re having a bad day and come over and hug you with all their might. It’s the little things they do that make you love them more than you ever thought you could love anyone else.


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20. You know that no matter what, your siblings will always be there for you and you will always be there for them too.

Your siblings know they can count on you for anything and everything, and the same goes for them with you. You are related by blood, but friends by choice, and the bond you share with them is unbreakable.

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