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20 Signs You’re Completely Obsessed With Dogs

20 Signs You’re Completely Obsessed With Dogs


1. You constantly share dog videos on Facebook.

In fact, you share so many dog videos that people have probably un-friended you for flooding their news feeds. If a dog appears in the video, there’s a 99% chance you’re going to share it. You’re so completely obsessed with dogs that it’s pretty much become a force of habit for you to share every dog video you watch. Like this one.

2. You can safely assume that anytime someone tags you in social media, it’s referring to something that has to do with dogs.

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; your friends and family tag you in a dog post whenever they see one. At this point, whenever someone tags you in a picture or post, you can pretty much guarantee there’s a dog in it. You’re actually surprised whenever you go through a day without being tagged in any dog posts.

3. You greet the dog before anyone else.

Just stepped foot in your house? Time to say hi to the dog! Besides home cooked meals, your dog is the best part about coming home. With the exception of Facetime (because let’s face it, you totally Facetime your dog) you probably haven’t seen their cute little face in a while…it’s only natural you get the most excited to them. Sorry fam, you’ll just have to wait your turn.


And you probably look a little something like this…

4. Dog vids bring the waterworks.

This isn’t even an exaggeration. You know you’re obsessed with dogs when watching dog videos results in tears – from laughter or cuteness overload. This is such a normal occurrence for you that whenever you’re looking at your phone and crying or saying “awwww,” your friends automatically assume it’s a dog video (95% of the time it is). You have to avoid watching dog videos in class or in public places because it’s very likely that you will start crying if you watch one. (I’ve had this happen too many times, just ask my friends).

5. You have a collection of doggy related cards.

If you’re a true dog lover, all of your birthday cards probably have pictures of dogs on them. This year ALL of my birthday cards did. Your loved ones have caught on to your dog obsession and think of you whenever they see cards with dogs on them. When it’s your birthday, your loved ones feel obligated to find you a card with dogs; they are willing to go through obstacles to find you the perfect puppy card.


6. Dog-themed school supplies trump good quality school supplies.

At the beginning of every school year, you have to make a choice between good quality school supplies that will last all year, but don’t have any pictures of dogs on them, or poor quality school supplies that will probably rip after a month, but have pictures of dogs on them. It’s a given that if you could find good quality folders and notebooks with dogs on them, that’s all you would own.

7. You like dogs more than you like most people.

Dogs are friendly, sweet, caring and lovable. They care about people way more than they care about themselves and their sole desire in life is just to love us. Dogs also can’t argue and fight back, so if dog lovers have to choose between spending time with people or dogs, most of the time they will choose the latter.

8. People who don’t like dogs are your enemies.

There’s nothing more aggravating than when someone says, “dog’s aren’t that cute,” or “cats are better than dogs.” One time I saw an article on my Facebook news feed about why cats make better pets than dogs, and I had to hide the article because reading the title was making me mad. You know you’re obsessed with dogs if when someone says anything bad about dogs, or gives reasons why cats are better, they’re temporarily put on your bad list. The lesson to take from this: Do.Not.Talk.Badly.About.Dogs. (If you must, don’t do it when a dog lover is in the room).


9. You’ve actually matched your outfit…with your dog (or thought about it).

Who hasn’t seen movies/pictures where dogs are wearing matching outfits with their owners? I’ll admit, I think they’re a tad bit ridiculous (especially when the dog is wearing matching shoes), but I mean…talk about dog owner goals. You are 100% without a doubt obsessed with dogs if you can pull this one off.

10. The sadness of seeing abandoned/homeless/injured dogs is unbearable.

Seriously, this will mess with your emotions. As soon as I read an article headline that says something like, “This dog was abandoned for x amount of years,” or “This dog is so lonely that he cries everyday,” I scroll past it because I can’t stand to see a dog in pain. I love knowing the dogs were given a better life, but I can’t bear to see them go through a rough patch!

11. You have definitely cancelled plans to spend time with your dog.

I’ve yet to do this, but I’m very tempted to. A friend asks to get lunch with you? “Sorry I can’t leave my dog alone for the afternoon.” A friend asks you if you’re busy Friday night? “Yeah I am, sorry. I have to celebrate my dog’s birthday.”


12. You know the struggle of saying bye to your dog is real.

Since I won’t be able to pet or hug my dog until I come again, I make sure to smuggle her with hugs. Maybe it’s because I’m a tad OCD and have to give her an even number of hugs, or because I want to give her lots of love, but I can’t just pet my dog once before I leave the house. After all, no amount of hugs can make up for the love that you won’t be able to give your dog while you’re away from them.

13. You basically have a dog shrine in your room.

You either have a section of your wall designated for pictvures of your dog, or framed pictures of your dog on your wall or dressers (or all of the above). Why cover your walls with selfies of you and your friends when you can fill them with cute pictures of your dog?

14. Your money goes towards your dog.

$50 for a jacket? Yeah right. $50 can shower your dog with fun new toys and treats! Nothing excites dogs more than new toys to play with or new food to eat, and in return, nothing excites those obsessed with dogs more than seeing their dog excited.

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15. Thanks to constantly being around dog food, you have a new appreciation of human  food.

As you reach down into your dog’s food bowl, do you ever take a moment to just think about how lucky you are to not have to eat the same food everyday, for every meal? I almost feel sorry for my dog when I have to keep feeding her the same darn food while I get to indulge in a delicious omelet for breakfast and a tasty medium rare steak for dinner. It’s no wonder why dogs are always sitting under the dinner table waiting for us to drop food!

16. You “accidentally” drop food.

You’d be lying if you said you’ve never dropped food onto the ground for your dog. Dogs fill our lives with so much love and happiness, so they definitely deserve some yummy human food every so often. Going back to number 15, don’t dogs deserve to eat as well as humans?


17. You’re obsessed with “Dog-posals.”

By now you’ve probably seen at least half a dozen videos of boyfriends proposing to their girlfriends with a puppy. To us girls obsessed with dogs, this is proposal gold. When I watched my first one, I was in awe that such a thing exists. All of the boyfriends doing these dog-posals are setting high expectations for all of us dog lovers. (Future husband: take note, hint hint.)

18. You NEED to adopt every. single. dog.

Whenever I see a video/picture of a dog getting rescued after being abused or homeless, I just want to adopt it and give it love. It breaks my heart to see dogs in any sort of pain because all dogs deserve a happy life. If I could adopt every homeless dog out there, my family would have to move out to make room for all of the dogs.

19. Dog sightings on campus are just as exciting as winning the Olympics.

We all know how exciting it is to see a dog on campus. If you’re obsessed with dogs, this is especially true. The only thing more exciting than seeing a dog on a walk is getting to play with therapy dogs during finals week (if your school does this). Since college is like being in your own separate little world, whenever you encounter a dog, you’re almost thrown off guard because you sometimes forget that such wonderful creatures exist.


20. You have experienced the best feeling in the world: owning a dog.

Besides being incredibly cute, fluffy, and loving, dogs do lots of cute things. If your dog is anything like mine, they will put a paw on your arm while you’re sitting on the couch, just to get your attention. Like many other dogs, mine will jump onto the counter and steal food when no one is watching. Dogs also do weird things that make for a great story, like finding multiple bags of Halloween candy and burying them in the backyard (my family has yet to discover where she is finding all of this candy).

Dogs are very special because of the unconditional love that they have for their families. My dog shows my family how much she loves us by thumping her tail whenever one of us walks by her; this is her way of saying “I’m too tired to get up, but I want you to pet me.” If she’s sitting up and I stop petting her, she’ll tell me that she wants me to keep petting her by turning her head towards me or by budging my hand with her nose. Can you blame me from being so obsessed with dogs?!

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