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20 Signs You’re From The Bay Area

20 Signs You’re From The Bay Area

1. You know we’re the tech capital of the world.

If you’re truly from the Bay Area, when someone says Silicon Valley, you already know what they are referring to (a.k.a. tech companies). The Bay Area is headquarters for many major tech giants such as Facebook, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Google, and of course, Apple.

2. You take 280 to see the sunset.

No one has it better than us. Any native always knows to take 280 over 101 during the evening rush hour for many reasons, but most importantly because of the beautiful sunsets you’re able to enjoy while driving home after a stressful day of work.

3. You’ve seen the “Flintstone house.”

If you’re driving down 280 just before you hit Hillsborough (another small Bay Area town), off to your right side there’s a lovely orange house, which mirrors one that probably could be found in the city of Bedrock.


4. You ride the Caltrain.

In the Bay Area, we have one of the easiest train systems, because it simply goes up and down the peninsula. But, during those days when you walk aboard and you see the cars packed with orange and black, it’s most likely because there’s a Giants game.

5. SFO is a no-go.

Trust me. Anyone who has ever lived in the Bay Area, even for a couple of months, knows that you NEVER fly into SFO unless you want your flight to be delayed because of rain, fog, or literally a leaf blowing too high. Use this tip: fly into either Oakland or San Jose; I promise you’ll thank me later.

6. You know the struggle for rain.

Because in the Bay Area the weather stays pretty consistent throughout the entire year, quite naturally everyone freaks out when the first drop of rain hits the ground, as we do not know what to do when this magical water falls from the sky.


7. You avoid the city during Bay to Breakers.

In early May of each year, Bay to Breakers occurs in the city, where people from all around the world come to dress up in the craziest costume they can find, and run a marathon. But what many fail to realize, is that during this time you NEED to avoid the city at all costs.


8. You understand the Cal vs. Stanford rivalry.

Many Bay Area families are faced with this tough divide between Cal and Stanford. And because of it, there are even flags that are sold saying you live in a divided house. This rivalry is real and not just one that has been made up over the years. Stanford has even gone to the extent of turning their fountains red on game day.

9. You frequent In N Out.

In N Out burgers are an essential for living in California, and many who do not live here crave double-doubles and animal-style fries throughout the day. But for those in the bay area, you will never have a chance to miss the smell of their sizzling burgers, because they are located at almost every freeway exit.


10. You prefer Philz Coffee.

Forget Starbucks and Pete’s; if you are truly from the Bay Area, you will understand all of the hype over Philz Coffee. Sure, the lines may be outrageously long, but their delicious Mint Mojito and Gingersnap Iced Coffee is well worth the wait.

11. You’ve listened to Mac Dre.

One of the most important artists associated with the Bay Area is its hip hop legend Mac Dre. Mac Dre created the “hyphy movement,” and is well known for his songs “Thizzle Dance” and “Feelin Myself.”  If you truly are from the Bay, these songs started the party at your middle school dances.

12. You know the Bay Area slang.

People living in the Bay Area have developed their own slang, and we don’t notice it’s a Bay Area thing until we move to different parts of the country. Our slang ranges from the most obvious “hella” – a.k.a. very – to “slaps,” which describe a catchy song. If you hear someone using these words in the correct way, most likely they are from the Bay.


13. You know how high rent prices can be.

Because of the boom in the tech world, the rent prices throughout the Bay Area have skyrocketed over the past couple of years. If you’re thinking about living in San Francisco, think again unless you want a studio apartment for $5,000 per month!

14. You listen to 106.1, 99.7, and 94.9.

Whenever you take a road trip out of the Bay Area, you have to continuously switch the radio station or plug in your iPod in order to listen to good music. But one sign that you have truly returned home is when your radio picks up these essential Bay Area stations.

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15. You’ve been to a Shoreline concert.

Living in the Bay Area, there are many concert venues, including the SAP Center (a.k.a. HP Pavilion), Oracle, the Concord Pavilion, and more. But you are not truly a Bay Area resident if you haven’t attended a concert of some magnitude on the Shoreline lawn.

16. You’re prepared for earthquakes.

Yes there are several of them that occur throughout the day – even throughout the week – but don’t let them scare you. Everyone has been taught since the young age of five what to do when an earthquake happens, so just be prepared.

17. You avoid Bay Area tourist areas.

Everyone that is from the Bay Area knows to avoid typical tourist traps at all times. Many of us have not been to Fisherman’s Wharf since our third grade field trip, and have no intention of going back (except for when family comes into town and insists on going).


18. You’re used to seeing all the charter buses.

For many of us living in the Bay Area, seeing charter buses have become a way of life. Many employees of the multitude of tech companies surrounding the Bay Area commute to work by means of these buses. So if you see a white charter bus on 101 or 280, they are most likely going to and from Google.

19. It’s not San Fran or Frisco.

Let’s get this straight once and for all: it is not San Fran and it is most definitely not Frisco. Those abbreviations make us cringe. We simply refer to San Francisco as the City; so please whatever you do, don’t use those words, because we will all immediately know you are not from the Bay Area whatsoever when you do.

20. You’ve gone to Tahoe for New Year’s or the Fourth of July.

In the Bay Area, we are extremely spoiled. We are three short hours away from South Lake Tahoe, where many go to celebrate not only New Years or Fourth of July, but also many other holidays throughout the year. One piece of advice: avoid the freeways during long weekends, or else you will get stuck in the infamous “Tahoe traffic.”

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