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20 Signs You’re Addicted To Pinterest

20 Signs You’re Addicted To Pinterest

When you’re addicted to Pinterest, the obsession is real.

1. You can’t get dressed without consulting Pinterest.

Every morning is a constant struggle to get your outfit to that perfect Pinterest level of chic.

2. You follow people on Pinterest before you friend them on Facebook.

Pinterest is the perfect way to see if you are really going to click with them, and most importantly if they will make you good food!


3. You have a slight obsession with all things chevron.

Chevron nails, furniture, curtains, bedspread, rugs, pillows, cake. You name it and it probably looks good with chevron print.

4. You can lose track of serious time on Pinterest.

When you’re addicted to Pinterest, you plan on checking the site for five minutes, but two hours later you’ve missed one of your classes, forgot to eat lunch, and your phone only has five percent battery left. But don’t worry – you planned your entire wedding in those two hours.

5. You have thousands of pins on cute and intricate hairstyles.

Yet every day you end up throwing it in a messy bun after spending way too long trying to do the infamous four-stranded braid.


6. You will definitely want to have your wedding in a barn.

You might choose a boat, a castle, or a beach. Okay, maybe you don’t know where you will have your wedding, but you know there will be pictures with sparklers!

7. You’re planning on having a gender reveal party.

Because honestly, the idea of having pink or blue balloons come out of an abnormally large box seems like the most magical thing ever.

8. You start conversations with “I saw this pin on Pinterest…”

And you then continue on a ten minute rampage that none of your friends really understand because they just don’t share your love of Pinterest.


9. You have a board for everything.

Oh you have an interview next week? That means you need an “interview” board. And obviously you need a board for each vacation you have planned, and different outfit boards for different seasons, and don’t forget about all the different kinds of party boards you have (even if you will never have a full out Hunger Games party).

10. You frequently see the “oops you have already pinned that” message.

Sometimes great ideas happen more than once, and sometimes it might just be a sign that you spend way too much time on Pinterest.

11. Pinterest is everywhere.

You have the Pinterest app on your phone and your tablet, and it is the most visited page on your computer. If there were a way to have a Pinterest channel on TV, you would probably be glued to that too.


12. The amount of pins you have is ridiculous.

Some people are shocked to see that they have 1.5k pins, but they feel puny and pathetic next to your near 100k pins.

13. Your bucket list grows every day.

If you’re addicted to Pinterest, you see pins of beautiful new places to travel (um hello coast of Italy) and probably automatically add them to your “Bucket List” board.

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14. You overestimate your cooking and baking skills.

You have often been known to try intricate, Pinterest level cupcakes, and other creations that have failed miserably multiple times. #Pinterestfail

15. You also might overestimate your DIY capabilities.

No matter how many do-it-yourself mason jar crafts you attempt to complete, none of them look quite as adorable as the pictures on Pinterest.

16. You magically end up on Pinterest.

Oh you were trying to do some research for that big econ paper due next week? Nope! When you’re addicted to Pinterest, you magically find yourself scrolling through cute outfits and designs for your future dream home instead. Oops!


17. You are fluent in movie and TV quotes.

The amount of Friends memes that you post is ridiculous, and you have practically memorized every hilarious line. You also have boards for every one of your favorite movies so you are always prepared with life wisdom from the silver screen.

18. In order to afford your “dream house,” you will have to be a millionaire.

If you’re addicted to Pinterest, you know the kinds of intricacies a house can have. The giant chandelier hanging in your entryway and the secret Narnia entrance into a children’s room may sound amazing, but if you got all you wanted from your grand ideas, it would cost some serious money.

19. You have an entire board of fitness stuff… that is never used.

All those really cool workouts and sassy workout tank tops are amazing. But why workout when you can scroll through Pinterest?


20. You will probably pin this on Pinterest.

Don’t deny your instinct, you know you want to.

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