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20 Signs You’re Addicted to Napping

20 Signs You’re Addicted to Napping


Before I begin, I need to make it clear that two things happened during the writing process of this article. First, I severely procrastinated generating the ideas in it because I constantly chose napping over writing. Second, I had to spend an entire day spellchecking because my typing skills aren’t quite up to par when I’m laying down (this should come as a surprise because by this point in my napping career you would think I would have mastered it). With that being said, I hope of all my fellow nappers can relate to these 20 signs you’re addicted to napping!

1. You go to bed thinking about the next time you will get to sleep.

The first thought on your mind, when you crawl under the covers, is how soon you will get to do it again. For many of us nappers, it isn’t as soon as we hope but we know that our next silent slumber won’t be too far away.

2. You only wake up in the morning because you know you get to nap soon.

When people ask you what motivates you to get out of bed, your answer is usually because you know that in a few short hours you will be right back in it.


3. You set alarms for ridiculous times.

Your alarm app is full of alarms set at very random times. Also, you are notorious for setting alarms for ridiculous amounts of time. You’ve set an alarm for as little as 7 minutes, because no matter how short it may be – a nap is a nap.

4. You skip meals.

It’s simple. Napping takes priority over EVERYTHING. This includes eating meals at the proper times. If your only free time during the day happens to be lunch, it goes without question that you will skip lunch to make sure you can get 30 minutes of shuteye.

5. You can literally nap anywhere and everywhere.

There is no such thing as being uncomfortable when trying to nap. You can easily nap in the busiest airport, a car on a gravel road, or a chair in an office. No matter the situation or the place, you can take a nap with ease.



6. You schedule naps into your day.

The moment you wake up, you start mentally planning when you will make some free time to squeeze in a nap. Maybe it will be before you go to the gym, or after class when you go to your favorite spot in the library, or for some…maybe you schedule your nap DURING your class because obviously sleep is more important than learning…

7. You take more than one nap a day.

“I need another nap” is something you say as soon as you wake up from your first nap. It is nothing to be ashamed of because some days you just can’t function without at least two naps.


8. You are constantly horizontal.

Whether it is laying on the ground, on a couch, or in the car, you always prefer to be horizontal. It is far more comfortable to lay down and relax than sit upright and keep your eyes open.

9. You have to say, “sorry I was asleep,” way more than you’d like.

This excuse isn’t even an excuse anymore when you take forever to respond to text messages or call someone back. Eventually it will get to the point where if you don’t respond they will send a second text saying something along the lines of, “you’re asleep, aren’t you?”

10. You rely on naps for survival.

If you don’t get your nap, it is often almost impossible to survive. You notice that you can’t pay attention, your mind wanders, and it is a huge struggle to keep a calm attitude when talking to people around you.


11. You feel a sense of belonging with other fellow “nappers.”

If someone even remotely mentions that they enjoy taking naps, you immediately feel a (almost) spiritual connection with them. It’s like an unspoken club that is universal because napping happens across the world.

12. You consider taking a nap with your S.O. a date.

Honestly, you would rather just take a nice little nap with your S.O. then go out on a romantic date. It is much more convenient to cuddle up and snooze the day away compared to getting ready and having to be out in public.

13. You can fall asleep in seconds.

The second your head hits the pillow you are a goner. You have been prepped, practiced and trained to fall asleep in a matter of moments. This ensures that you maximize your napping time.


14. Therefore, you don’t even bother with Netflix anymore.

Due to the fact that you fall asleep instantly, it is pointless to try and start up a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy or the Walking Dead because you always fall asleep before the title video gets done playing.

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15. You constantly keep your blinds closed.

There is absolutely nothing worse than walking into a well-lit room when you are so excited to just take a nap. To prevent this from happening, you always keep your blinds closed and the lights off. This assures that you can fall asleep as soon as you walk in the door.



16. You always have bedhead, but have learned to make it work.

Maybe you’ve figured out how to rock a messy braid or you can pull your hair into a top-knot in a matter of minutes, either way, you have mastered making bedhead work.

17. You are a pro at getting drool off your face in a matter of seconds.

A quick wipe with your sleeve or a little dab of water can go a long way when it comes to rushing out the door while you realize you have crusted drool in the corner of your mouth.


18. Or you just leave it there because you know you’re going to nap again.

I mean really? Is it even necessary to wipe it off if you’re just going to take another nap? You know you only want to wipe it off once and not twice, three, or however many times you nap that day.

19. You get asked, “Are you okay?” on the reg.

This is probably one of the most common questions you receive from co-workers, classmates, and friends. They think that your “I just woke up face” is actually you coming down with a deathly illness or a severe case of stress.

20. You are probably laying in bed right now while reading this.

I don’t blame you because I am laying in bed right now while typing this. I imagine you are probably on your phone, laptop, or maybe tablet, trying to get in a comfortable position so you can read it better. Well, lucky for you it is over now, so go ahead a roll to your other side, close your eyes and sweet dreams!

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