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20 Signs You’re Addicted To Makeup

20 Signs You’re Addicted To Makeup

From a young age, girls become infatuated with makeup. We start out using beauty products as if they are crayons. As young ladies, we mature and begin to understand how to apply products to our faces. We experiment and go through various looks. Some women opt for a simple look they choose to wear everyday, while others like to try out different products day to day. There’s nothing wrong with either of these options, but if it’s the latter, you might categorize as a makeup addict. If you often find yourself in a cosmetic store, or have a mental breakdown when you forget your products, you can probably relate to these 20 signs you’re addicted to makeup.

1. Your makeup needs its own suitcase.

Forget the beauty bag. You need to call in reinforcements.

2. Your friends think you own 40 of the same lipstick or eye shadow, but you know they’re all different.

3. You’ve made it to VIB Rouge at Sephora and have accrued thousands of points from your purchases.

4. You go to your local drugstore to buy a few items, but end up spending hours in the beauty aisle.

5. You get into the habit of never finishing old products, but wanting to buy similar, newer products instead.

6. It’s the end of the world when you shatter your eye shadow palette.

7. “Naked” is one of your favorite palettes by Urban Decay.

And you are on the lookout for any new ones that come out in stores.


8. You wear a different makeup look everyday.

It’s boring not to switch it up. Besides, you do have a suitcase of makeup.

9. You could spend days on YouTube watching makeup tutorials.

You’ve actually thought about becoming a makeup guru yourself.

10. Your friends come to your place to get ready because you have the best beauty products.


11. You take an endless amount of selfies whenever your eyeliner is on point and eyebrows are on fleek.


12. You don’t just wear makeup to look good.

Makeup is life.

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13. Losing your makeup bag would be a loss like no other.

14. You always look as if you’re about to go out somewhere special.

But you’re really just on the way to doing the most mundane activities.

15. You’ll always have money for makeup, but you carefully budget on basic necessities like food.

16. You have a whole ritual before going to bed.

You need to clean your face thoroughly to have a bare face for more makeup use tomorrow.


17. It’s all about the packaging when it comes to new products.

18. You know how to pronounce all the luxury makeup brand names.

19. There’s a brush for everything.

If you’re addicted to makeup, you know that one brush is not enough to successfully complete a look.

20. Getting an email about a product that’s back in stock makes your day.

Have any other signs you’re addicted to makeup? Comment below!

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