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20 Signs You’re Addicted To Game Of Thrones

If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones, you know how easy it is to get obsessed with. Here are 20 signs you’re totally addicted to Game of Thrones.

1. You ask people you just met if they watch GOT.

2. You use GOT instead of Game Of Thrones.

3. You tell everyone “you know nothing.

4. You don’t cringe at nude scenes anymore.


5. You know all Khaleesi’s titles.

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6. You’re fluent in Dothraki.

7. You somehow started liking Jaime Lannister.

8. You want a direwolf.

9. You know the R + L = J theory.

10. You’ve cleared your Sunday from now until June.

11. You keep on screaming “die” when you see Joffrey Baratheon.

12. You know your Westeros history and geography.
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13. You have a favorite dragon.

14. You’ve re-watched a bunch of episodes.

15. You cried during the Red Wedding.

16. You were on Jon Snow hair watch.

17. You want to be a faceless man.

18. You constantly find yourself doing GOT quizzes.

19. You know all the characters.

20. You live for Tyrion Lannister’s quotes.

Have any other signs you’re addicted to Game of Thrones? Comment below!

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Chantell Migadde

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