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20 Signs You’re Addicted To Dessert

20 Signs You’re Addicted To Dessert


1. You know exactly where to find the sweets, wherever you go.

Especially at supermarkets and your friends’ houses.

2. When you enter a bakery, you never want to leave.

If it were possible to eat desserts with your eyes, you so would.

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3. You never pass up a slice of birthday cake.

Or two. Or three. Or five. Even if it’s your least favorite flavor, it’s still CAKE.


4. Getting into shape isn’t an option.

The thought of giving up cupcakes, cookies, and donuts is too depressing for you.

5. You bake desserts even when it isn’t a special occasion.

Because honestly, who doesn’t love a person that gives out some cookies (and eats the rest)?

6. You can turn anything into a dessert.

You put chocolate on everything, including fruit, popcorn, nuts, and even potato chips. You’re also heavy handed with syrup and icing.


7. Your friends blame sugar for your high energy.

When in reality, you’re just a bubbly person.
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8. You’ve owned at least one shirt with a dessert decal on it.

Even better, everyone loved it.

9. Your friends set limits for you because it’s hard to stop eating what you love.

Heck, I’m lactose intolerant and I still eat ice cream sometimes.


10. You get mad at yourself for giving into your cravings.

But it’s just so hard to resist icing, sprinkles, and sugar.

11. When you’re upset, you eat desserts.

They always know how to counterbalance your crappy feelings.

12. When you’re happy, you eat desserts.

Okay, you eat desserts way too often.


13. You cringe when people waste sweets.

Why would you throw a cupcake at someone when it could have been eaten?

14. There is no such thing as being “full” when a dessert is involved.

It’s physically impossible

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15. You turn into a child when you hear an ice cream truck.

If you’re addicted to dessert, they seem like the coolest thing ever created, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about loving them.

16. You own perfumes and lotions with dessert scents.

They smell so good that you want to eat them, too.

17. Sharing a dessert with someone is your true act of selflessness.

It’s how people know that you love them, because you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t care about them.


18. If you’re addicted to dessert, you’re a pro taste tester.

Especially in the sense that you can determine the flavor of any dessert.


19. You hate dessert commercials.

Because they seduce you with their deliciousness.


20. There’s been a moment when you’ve wanted to name your future child after a dessert.

Butterscotch? Blondie? Cobbler? Twinkie? Okay, maybe it wasn’t the best thought.


Have any other signs you’re addicted to dessert? Comment below!

Featured image source:, tango-mango.