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20 Signs You’re Addicted To Anime

20 Signs You’re Addicted To Anime

Anime lovers unite! Here are 20 signs you’re addicted to anime.

1. You make references that no one gets.

I hear this one from my friends whenever I make a quirky Dragon Ball or Sword Art Online reference. You’ll notice them giving you this weird look like, “what the crap is he talking about?”

2. You painstakingly try out your Japanese speaking skills.

Whenever you have a conversation with your friends, whether good or bad, you are itching to dish out your “kawaii” or your “aka” phrases. Or perhaps you want to sound cute and you go for that overly emphasized cat meow. Or you display your feelings of how your heart feels by saying “my kokoro.”


3. Crunchyroll is your new Netflix.

Let’s face it, when it comes to anime, there is one website that has loads of all your favorite anime, which beats Netflix by a long shot. I’ve had my guilty pleasures going on the site to search for my fix on anime. So in your terminology, “Netflix and Chill” turns to “Anime and Chill.”

4. Nosebleeds have a whole new meaning after watching some anime.

All your life you probably thought the only times you could get a nose bleed was from allergies, dry nose, or someone who just felt like sucker punching you in the face. But in anime, you were taught a whole new meaning of nose bleeds. It could be from ecstasy, dirty thoughts, or the old aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.

5. You try so hard to get your non-anime friends into watching your shows.

You try so hard to get your friends to watch the shows that you watch but to them, it makes no sense (especially while watching it under the Japanese dub and English subtitles). Sure, it’s nothing to compare to “Walking Dead” or “Pretty Little Liars,” but hey, you never know unless you try.


6. You schedule most of your free time on when the newest episodes of your favorite anime come out.

You or your friends will try to get their weekly or monthly anime fix when a new episode of their favorite show comes out. And you will, under no circumstances, want anyone or anything to interrupt your little anime time.

7. You try singing the theme song to your anime shows.

Alright you little musical enthusiasts, I know this has you written all over it if you are addicted to anime. When we watch our anime shows, one of the first things we see – other than the preview – is the theme song. We attentively listen and think, “hey, I wish I could find the lyrics to this song.” Well, you can thank some very patient people on the Youtube Channel for that.

8. You plan your Halloween costume in advance.

This one is a big sign that you are addicted to anime. You try to go shopping online to find the absolute perfect Cosplay costume from your favorite anime character, or one of the characters you want to dress up as with a group of friends. Whichever anime you are into, you are dying to get that costume out of the closet on that day that only happens once a year (to score some candy or the popular vote on best costume contest at a party).


9. You try to get your significant other to dress up as the power couple on your anime show.

I know I would if I could. If your significant other is down with that, then more power to you. You try to get your boyfriend to be the charming Prince Darien, or you try to get your girlfriend to be the enticing Erza Scarlet, while you dish out as being the outlaw Jellal from Fairy Tail.

10. Anime/Comic Con is like a second Halloween, only better.

Of course this is a must for your calendar if you really are addicted to anime. You know exactly when Anime or Comic Con is coming to your area. Or it could be the other way around, and you could travel hundreds of miles just for one.

11. You “ship” for couples.

Whenever you watch an anime show you secretly wish that two people in the anime would get together, even if it’s not by popular demand. You will sometimes get into fights with your anime friends on who a certain person should pair up with. You get so happy when it happens, or the writer is a jerk and chooses neither, just to watch you suffer. Okay, maybe it’s not a personal attack, but potentially.


12. You imagine what their children will be like.

It’s entertaining to wonder what each character’s kids will look like. I especially do this in Fairy Tail. I know I am not the only anime fan who does this. Whether it’s from Fairy Tail or some other anime, you have that curiosity on whether the shipping couple will have kids and what they will look like. And apparently some of the writers for anime have gotten the obvious hint in satisfying the curiosity of its viewers for that particular thing.

13. You forget about finding your significant other, because he’s in your show.

Who needs a partner when you have your crush in your favorite anime show? Am I right?

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14. You’ve argued about which is best with your anime crew: English Dub or English Sub?

Ah, yes, the debate of the century for anime lovers: which is better, English Dub or English Sub?

15. You fan girl squeal at your show.

Alright, here is one reaction that others can possibly understand – the ultimate fan girl squealing. If you’re addicted to anime and you have not squealed once while watching, then you are flat out lying to yourself.

16. You defend your show wholeheartedly from negative criticism.

No one likes to hear that their go-to show is terrible. And Anime lovers don’t either, but they take it to the extreme. I could give you a few examples of what people would want to do to those haters. So I really don’t need to explain much on this.


17. You try drawing your favorite characters from your anime show.

I know this probably doesn’t apply to most of you anime fans, but for those who are addicted to anime and love to draw, it sure does.

18. You get episode withdrawals.

When you have already watched the most recent episode, you become dead set on watching the next episode. But the only thing to do is wait.

19. Your humor is based off the shows you watch.

Yes, I’m talking about the “over 9000!” chant. And the old cheesy “I’m just saiyan” quote. You humor yourself and your friends with inside jokes from the anime show you watch. Some may not get it, some may chuckle, or some will just flat out face palm for how terrible they sound.


20. You have a collection stashed somewhere.

If you’re addicted to anime, you’re drawn to buying merchandise from your favorite show, and try to collect all of their merchandise like it’s your pride and joy.

Have any other signs you’re addicted to anime? Comment below!

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