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20 Signs You’re A 20 Something Year Old Grandma

20 Signs You’re A 20 Something Year Old Grandma

1. You are always cold.

You need a room to be 70 degrees…and you still need a blanket, sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.

2. You go to bed before 9:30…

…on the weekends..

3. You bake all day because it’s relaxing.

And how else are you supposed to spend Friday night?


4. You basically never want to go out.

But not because you’re an introvert, you just simply don’t want to.

5. Bingo anyone?

Maybe even Cosmic bingo…if you are feeling a little crazy.

6. All of your shoe choices are practical and comfortable.

There is no need for 6-inch heals in a grocery store.


7. Most of your money goes to food or food related things.

See #3.

8. People think your excuses to stay in are BS, although they are 100% honest.

Friend: “Let’s go out tonight!” You: “It’s 10, I need to go water my fish, see ya later!”

9. You start every day with vitamins.

The gummy ones of course, you’re not that old.


10. A nap happens without you actually meaning to nap.

Without fail.

11. You walk around in a housecoat and slippers.

Yes, you own a housecoat and slippers.

12. New music isn’t always the best music.

Turn that racket down.

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13. A good cup of coffee/tea is the best.


14. A hand written card is way better than a text message.

15. You look at younger people and refer to them as children.

Or babies.


16. The news is EVERYTHING.


17. Your basic expenses for the month are for food, water, shelter and heat.

No more, no less.

18. You appreciate when someone takes the time to explain social media to you.

I’m sorry, Tumblr?

19. The larger the font, the better.

20. “WHAT?! Can you say that again, I can’t hear you.”

Is a very common phrase that you use.


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