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20 Signs You Went To Private School

20 Signs You Went To Private School

1. You got detention for wearing the wrong color boat shoes.

2. Casual day was a rarity (and usually looped in with spirit week).

3. But even on casual day, you still couldn’t wear sweatpants.

4. You dreamed of the day you could ride on a school bus.

5. You had to be selective with your backpack choice.

6. All of your classes were either AP or taught like an AP.

7. Not going to college was not an option.

8. Your friends from public school will never understand the struggle of a plaid skirt and a blazer.

9. You had the same teacher for three different subjects during the same school year.

10. You were the star of the varsity soccer, basketball, and softball team.

11. Snow days? What snow days?


12. No snow days meant you got out weeks earlier than public school.

13. Adults asked, “why?”, when you told them what school you went to.

14. You had to take an entrance exam just to get in.

15. You had a specified allowance for the length of your shorts and skirts.

16. With private school, when one person was mad, the entire school was mad.

17. You had numerous days off for religious reasons.

18. Jeans on Friday was a heaven sent.

19. You had to get dresses for school dances approved months before the dance.

20. You’ll always have a family to go back to.

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