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20 Signs You Grew Up With Only Brothers

20 Signs You Grew Up With Only Brothers

Ahhh brothers, you can’t live with them, and definitely can’t live without them. If you grew up as the sole sister with only brothers to accompany you through childhood and beyond – you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 things.

1. Wrestling is clearly a problem solving technique.


2. You know men’s deodorant, razors, etc. ALL work better than women’s.

3. You don’t even know how to respond when your friends mention that they think any of your brothers are hot.

4. You’ve watched a lot of sci-fi and action movies.

5. You don’t hold grudges over petty stuff.

6. You had a crush on all of your older brother’s friends.

7. You always have someone willing to stick up for you.

8. Whether you’re younger or older, your brothers protect you like you’re the youngest.

9. You have a very high tolerance for gross things.

10. There was a constant prank war going on in your house.

11. You have sat through many athletic games.


12. You have the most comfortable hand-me-down tees and sweatshirts.

13. Makeup and hair was one big guessing game, since you had no sisters to teach you.

14. When any of them bring home a girl, you’re prepared to ask all of the important questions since this could be your new sister.

15. You always have someone to confide in.

16. ESPN seems to somehow always be playing in your house.

17. You probably don’t share food well, since your brothers always ate everything in the house.

18. You have super thick skin as a result of the constant teasing.

19. There are definitely days you wish you had a sister.

20. But, despite all of the crazy stuff you have to deal with, you love your brothers and can’t imagine life without them.

Any other signs you grew up with only brothers to add to the list? Share in the comments!

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