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20 Signs You Go To Wayne State

20 Signs You Go To Wayne State

20 Signs You Go To Wayne State

At WSU, there are some things only we understand. Here are 20 signs you go to Wayne State University.

1. You’re a Warrior.

Wayne State Warrior mascot

2. You bleed green and gold.

bleed green and gold

3. You know that even having a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Bottom Line Café, and Great Lakes Coffee isn’t enough.

funny coffee gif

4. You love Mac n’ Brewz for comfort food and beer.

funny beer and pizza gif

5. It’s too hard to choose between Subway and Blimpies.

funny Modern Family gif

6. You’ve seen the Fist of a Champion.

Fist of a Champion


7. Even if you are one minute late to your car, you get a parking ticket.

you've got to be kidding me gif

8. You’re in the heart of Detroit.

cool Detroit skyline pic


9. You’re steps away from the museum district.

funny Bueller gif

10. And the theater district.

funny drama gif

11. You know it’s called Wayne State, not Wayne Community College.

Glee gif

12. You tell people how you can find Wayne State by referencing your right hand and pointing near the bottom of your thumb.

Princess Bride gif

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13. You’ve been in Old Main.

cool Old Main at Wayne State pic


14. You know Cass Avenue (also known as Cass Corridor).

funny Madonna gif

15. You have warrior dollars.

get that money gif

16. You have at least one piece of Wayne State clothing.

Home Improvement Wayne State appearance

17. You walk, a LOT.

Forrest Gump gif

18. You know how to rep your school.

Selena Gomez reppin' gif

19. You know where to avoid the wind tunnels on campus.

funny wind gif

20. You’re proud to be a Warrior!

Fuller House Kimmy gif

Have any more signs you go to Wayne State University? Comment below!

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