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20 Signs You Go To VCU

20 Signs You Go To VCU

20 Signs You Go To VCU

With a new semester starting, I’ve been thinking about all of the things that make college life at VCU unique. Keep reading for 20 signs that you to go VCU.  If you haven’t done these things yet, you totally should.

1. By the end of your 4 years, you’ve accumulated numerous XXL VCU t-shirts from basketball games.

2. Everyone tells you to buy a bike…

But little did you know, it would either have it’s tire stolen by the end of your first semester or your lock will look like it’s been attacked by an animal.

3. VCU Alert text messages are always sending you booty calls at 2 am.


4.  Drinking no longer becomes the reason why you gain the freshman 15…

After discovering the maple bacon doughnut at the number 1 doughnut shop in Virginia, Sugar Shack.

5. If you “gotta catch em all” Monroe Park is the place to go.

6. In order to survive the Richmond heat, you take a dip in the James River.

It’s one of the best things to do while listening to your favorite jams with the gang.



7. After eating at Shaffer one time, you realize how much you appreciate 7-11 taquitos.

8. When someone passes you with rainbow colored hair singing to themselves for everyone to hear…

You know it’s just a normal Monday here at VCU.

9. Going to Christians after 11pm.

If you haven’t chowed down on a $2 piece of pizza at Christians after 11 p.m., you probably don‘t go to VCU.

10. The diversity.

You left your suburban comforts and embraced the diversity that VCU offers.


11. Having to decide which hangover cure to get.

It’s usually between getting a juicy burger from the Village or a giant omelet from Café 821.

12. You have discovered your taste buds are open to all new flavors of food.

You’ve found out there’s over 900 places to eat in Richmond!


13. Going thrift shopping.

You find out thrift shopping is actually not that bad but make the mistake in thinking that Rumors is an actual thrift store.

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14. When your parents come to visit you take them to Cary Town so you can grub on a delicious, expensive meal you couldn’t afford on your own.

15. You’ve seen at least one concert at The National.

It was probably one of the best times of your life.

16. You now consider yourself a professional photographer.

After taking tons of pictures of all of the murals around the city.

17. So many tattoos.

Since there are tattoo parlors on every street corner you’ve contemplated getting one numerous times or you just have numerous tats.


18. Collecting parking tickets has become a weekly hobby of yours.

I really need to get a new hobby…

19. You’ve made amazing connections.

You know you chose the right school because somehow faith brought you the most wonderful friends from all over the world.

20. It’s okay to not be affiliated with Greek life, it’s okay to not be an athlete, it’s okay to not be a hipster, because here we are one big RAMILY.


What are some things that stand out at VCU? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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