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20 Signs You Go To The University of Texas

Keep reading for 20 signs you go the University of Texas!

1. The drag is more than just a noun.

2. You actually wear burnt orange.

3. You know what bevo bucks are and have run out of them at one point or another.

4. You aren’t creeped out by “The Eyes of Texas” (…are upon you all the live long day) song…

5. The best feeling is when the tower is lit burnt orange (you might not know what it is lit up for but you’re still darn proud)!

6. It takes you 30 minutes to cross campus, 8 minutes if you run…

7. You dress up for football games with the utmost school spirit.

8. You wait for over an hour to eat at Pluckers after the football games.

9. You have added 10 minutes to your walk to avoid the West Mall or Gregory Gym area in fear that orgs will ambush you.

10. You know what the six pack is.

11. You have one A&M friend you constantly criticize.

12. You are well accustomed to the phrase: “It’s (insert your choice of words here)and OU still sucks”

13. You know Jester is the worst place to live but is in the best location.

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14. You know Kinsolving has the best dorm food.

15. There is a huge presence of Greek Life on campus.

16. You’ve spent at least one night at the PCL.

17. You know what the PCL, FAC, SAC, etc., mean and where they all are.

18. You’ve gone to 6th street at least once (if not multiple times) …

19. You have waited in line for Starbucks or Chick-fil-a at the SAC at least once.

20. You have come to the realization that you couldn’t be prouder to be a longhorn.

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