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20 Signs You go to The University of Miami

20 Signs You go to The University of Miami

Every college has its own signature signs students can relate to not long after starting the first semester. At the University of Miami, your college experience might be very different from that of your friends from back home. Welcome to Miami, and no, not the one in Ohio. These are the 20 signs that you will be able to understand if you’re a Miami Hurricane.

1. You know “it’s all about the U”…

You throw up the U sign like a pro and make the most use out of the U emoji because let’s face it, “it’s all about the U”.

2. People back home think you go to school in South Beach.

…because most of your photos are taken there when you are not on campus.


3. You frequently ask yourself”: “What is winter?”

You end up taking numerous photos of the Lake Osceola area on campus or pictures of Miami that include palm trees. These end up on Snapchat or Instagram to make your friends back home jealous because “what is winter?”


4. You see palm trees everywhere.

Speaking of palm trees, they are everywhere on and off campus, making non-natives feel as if they live in paradise.

5. You are well aware of the amazing wildlife on campus.

The wildlife on campus consists of way too many Muscovy ducks, a few colorful parrots, sunbathing iguanas, egrets, and ibises.


6. It feels like half of New York and New Jersey decided to attend the school.

7. You indulge in pitchers at The Rat before class.

You end up at The Rat in the afternoons for some food and pitchers of beer (once you turn 21) before or after class. Sometimes you end up missing class a few pitchers later.

8. You go to LIV or Story in hopes of partying with a celebrity.

…or ending up in the DJ booth with someone famous spinning.

9. You frequent “Club Richter” on the reg.

When midterms and finals come around you end up living in “Club Richter”, also known as Otto G. Richter Library.


10. When the spring semester rolls around, you are on a hunt to find cheaper, last minute tickets to Ultra Music Festival.

11. Rich students take rich to a whole new level as they drive around in Maseratis, Ferraris, or some other flashy car.

12. Flip flops, shorts, and tanks are worn most of the year because of the subtropical climate.

Some students, especially the Chinese students, dress as if they are ready to walk the runway.

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13. It’s a big deal if you step on the university seal outside the campus bookstore.

Luckily, there are stanchions placed around to remind you not to.


14. When you venture out of the University of Miami campus bubble, the majority of the population is Hispanic.

15. During football season, if the Canes lose the game you claim to have won the tailgate.

16. Sun Life Stadium is in Miami Gardens and it will take about 30 minutes just to get there when there is a game.

17. Sebastian the Ibis is like your best friend since you’ve shared so many photos together.

18. After freshman year, you either live in Gables Ponce or Red Road Commons.

If you don’t mind the drive to campus and the high prices, you choose to live in Brickell.

19. You may laugh at the Cox Science Building, but you will be cursing at it later when you’re trying to locate a classroom.

It’s like losing your way in a labyrinth.

20. If you have classes in the business school, you know that about 20 people try to fit in the small, outdated elevators to get to class.

You also hate on anyone that gets off at the second floor considering there are stairs.

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