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20 Signs You Go To the University of Maryland

20 Signs You Go To the University of Maryland

1. Squirrels.

Squirrels everywhere. Students may come and go but the squirrels are lifetime residents. And no, the black squirrel is not a myth.

2. Testudo sacrifices.

Anyone on the University of Maryland campus can tell you about the power Testudo holds. Aside from rubbing his nose for good luck, it is said that leaving a sacrifice for Testudo will help you on your finals. We have even been covered on the news for all of the sacrifices that adorned Testudo during finals week. There is nothing that hasn’t made it to Testudo. Pool tables, water fountains, couches, lamp posts, and giant cut outs of random people’s faces have all been past sacrifices.

3. You are most likely from Maryland, NJ, NY, Virginia, or Pennsylvania.

The majority of students are Maryland residents, since the University of Maryland is a state school; but a large amount of the remaining students come from the above-mentioned states.


4. You loathe DOTS.

The Department of Transportation Services is said by many students to be the spawn of Satan. DO NOT leave your car unattended for ANY reason if you don’t have a parking permit. DOTS arrives faster than “he-who-must-not-be-named” when you say his name.

5. The snow pile by Regents is a landmark.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

6. University of Maryland Student Pride.

We have one of the most active student sections in the country. From the wave, to choreographed cheers, to flash mobs; University of Maryland’s Students Section makes the other team feel the heat.


7. Everyday is leg day.

The University of Maryland campus offers a variety of hills, from Stamp’s monster incline to the small, but tedious, sets of stairs scattered around the place. You have no choice but to get in a workout on the way to class… and anywhere else.


8. University of Maryland sunsets make everyday seem like a scene out of a romantic movie.

The sky is painted with beautiful hues and the views are undeniably amazing, especially from the mall.

9. University of Maryland gear.

LOTS and LOTS of it. You get your first shirt at orientation, and so the journey begins. If you can’t find any terp gear at any of the 45+ stalls at the First Look Fair in the fall, or were unsuccessful at getting a scarf or shirt at the games, you know you can hit the Bookstore for all things Maryland.


10. When you leave your dorm, you have to pack for all 4 seasons.

Winter in the morning, summer in the afternoon, spring showers in the evening, and fall chill at night. You never know when there’s going to be rain or shine, so you are prepared with an extra pair of shorts and an umbrella.

11. Speaking of the weather, you own at least one pair of rain boots.

The topography of Maryland ensures that at least one or two lakes pop up on campus when it rains. Pro tip: Avoid Mckeldin Mall and Hornbake Plaza at this time. You might get past the mall, but Hornbake Plaza is pretty much impassable, without a raft at least.

12. You LIVE for the free stuff at every fair that comes to the University of Maryland!

(I’m pretty sure this one applies to all college students.) From the First Look Fair, to Stampfest, to Career fairs; you scrounge the booths for the lanyards, pens, notepads, water bottles and sunglasses! You never miss a fair when it’s in town!


13. You love Chipotle.

The go-to place when you’re in need of a bite! Chipotle offers all kinds of deals and it’s great when you get sick of diner food or pizza. We have one of the most popular Chipotle branches in the country, and for good reason.

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14. BIG Ten.

Yes, we are a big ten school and we are proud of it.


15. You go out to Route 1 three out of seven days of the week.

Route 1 is the holy grail of University of Maryland students because it offers an incredibly diverse amount of dining options.

16. You always have either an insanely large or small amount of terp bucks come finals week.

If you are low, just look for the people trying to spend their bucks by ordering three pizzas at a time from the diner. They are known to give away a few slices.

17. You have taken a dip in the mall fountain once or twice.

Come on, those summer days can get hot. It’s actually a great way to keep cool!


18. Club Mckeldin.

Finding a space to study in Mckeldin Library, not to mention finding an empty study carrel, is harder than actually getting accepted into the University of Maryland. But we all end up there somehow anyway!

19. As a freshman, you’ve panicked when the school-wide alarm went off on the first Wednesday.

And then again the next month, until you realize that this is going to be a thing from now on.

20. You study hard and party harder!
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