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20 Signs You Go To The University Of Alabama

20 Signs You Go To The University Of Alabama

Whether you have already graduated from the University of Alabama or you are still lucky enough to be a student here, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs!

1. 95% of your t-shirts are Bama related.


2. You own multiple things with Houndstooth print.

3. The elephant emoji stays in your recents.


4. Family members constantly ask you for football tickets.


5. Roll Tide! Becomes your go-to phrase for everything.

6. You’re so used to dining dollars you hate to spend real money.

7. …Especially when you go to Starbucks and Buffalo Phil’s off campus!

8. You have a place in your heart just for Nick Saban.


9. Football becomes one of your priorities.

10. You get so used to seeing Greek life on campus you can spot it anywhere, even when you leave.


11. You’ve had your fair share of yellowhammers.


12. You’ve gone cliff jumping at Lake Nicol.

13. You know the “fight song” forwards and backwards.

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14. You also know “Dixieland Delight” (the real lyrics and those added).


15. And “Sweet Home Alabama”!


16. Your butt looks amazing! (Thanks to all the walking around campus…)


17. Nike Shorts and an over-sized t-shirt is a perfectly fine outfit for you.


18. CWID means everything to you.

19. You always crave Rammer Jammer when you go home.


20. You’re full of school pride and have no problem defending it.
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