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20 Signs You Go To UNH

If you are one of the 13,000 undergraduates lucky enough to attend UNH at this moment, or can appreciate looking back at your time there as alumni, you will certainly relate to these 20 signs!

1. You’re friends with Sammy from CampCo.

The owner of Campus Convenience (where you can find all things necessary from batteries to booze to fried pickles). He is notorious for appearing in students’ selfies and for letting you accompany him behind the store counter while you wait for SafeRides.

2. You love the Freddy Special.

CampCo’s most famous creation. No one is exactly positive what this gourmet meal consists of besides chicken, but it is the favorite late-night snack. (Besides the Freddy Special Pizza of course.)

3. Franz’s “JB” is your favorite hangover cure.

A delicious breakfast burrito with bacon, ketchup, fried eggs, hash browns, and American cheese. Better yet known as the ultimate hangover cure. If you can’t make it to Franz’s before 9:30 on a Saturday morning, prepare to wait at least 20 minutes.

4. You love Cinco de Drinko (I mean Mayo).

Arguably the most important holiday at UNH. Waking up on the 5th of May on the UNH campus is like waking up to Christmas morning. (Minus the police riots and getting shot at with paintball guns.)

5. You buy your groceries from the “Dump.”

An appealing acronym for “Durham Market Place.” The Dump is where you buy your overly priced groceries when you don’t have your car or are too lazy to drive to the Hannaford’s in Dover.

6. When you’re extra thirsty you share one of the Knot’s gummy bear rum buckets with your BFF.

A wonderful concoction of alcohol and candy. Ideal for getting as drunk as possible, as quickly as possible, followed by the worst sugar-induced hangover the next morning.

7. You probably spend more money on flavored red bulls than food.

Not sure why New Hampshire is so notorious for their flavored red bull drinks, but we don’t hate it. For a more expensive alternative to coffee you can purchase a Red Bull drink with whichever flavored syrup you prefer at nearly any coffee shop.

8. You enjoy a good day drink outside in a blizzard.

…Maybe even more so than on a sunny day. At UNH we are used to having more snow days than school days, so day drinking in a blizzard is somewhat of a customary activity.

9. It’s a daily routine to drive to the Shack.

There are over five coffee shops on campus, but the “Shack,” (formally known as “The Coffee Station,”) has become a popular favorite. Who doesn’t want to drive twenty minutes off campus to get a drive-thru coffee from a trailer-shack in the middle of no where and wait in line behind twenty other cars for an hour?

10. It is unheard of to only order one drink at a time at the bar.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. The bar lines are so long, it’s only practical to order as many drinks as the bartender will allow in one swift transaction. This tactic is especially crucial for dollar drinks.

11. You are aware of the twitter feuds with DJ Downstairs.

12. In the warmer weather you can always spot the random guy on the unicycle juggling.

Not sure who he is, but in the Spring, Summer, and Fall you will find a man unicycling around campus while simultaneously juggling. #Talent.


13. You are used to the Scorps line starting around 7:30 PM.

Especially on the more popular nights and holidays, the Scorps Bar line will start to reach around the block at approximately 7:30-8:00 PM. If you are unable to get your friends out the door in time, you may be waiting for an hour or so before you can make it inside.

14. You are always down for Wild Kitty or Philly late night.

Philbrook dining hall late night is where it’s at, (as a freshman especially). Hello french toast sticks. But when you are on the other side of campus, Wild Kitty never fails to satisfy your late-night cravings either.

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15. It is a known fact there is never any parking in C Lot, or really anywhere else, ever.

As a student you are used to doing a few “Durham 500’s” with your friends in order to locate a spot to park, and might not even mind it half the time. But when family stays over and asks where they should park it suddenly turns into: “Sorry Mom, I got nothin’.”

16. You are self-conscious to eat a banana in public.

Not really sure where the term “UNH Banana Eaters” originated, but it became a popular term for anyone who was unfortunate enough to be caught on camera while trying to innocently eat a healthy snack.

17. You know how outdated Hamilton Smith Hall is.

If you have ever had to take a class in this English building you are well aware that it is like stepping into a school building from the 80’s. And if you are lucky enough to major in English, it isn’t a surprise when you receive a mass email along the lines of, “The heat will be broken in Hamilton Smith tomorrow, please dress accordingly and wear layers.” Thank goodness for the current renovation project.

18. The spring time means Young Drive day drinks.

Nothing like walking a couple miles off campus to party with hundreds of other determined drinkers.

19. You have friends who live at the Cottages.

…Because they’re always looking for a ride to class… This student living community is about a 30 minute walk to campus and resembles more of a miniature doll house village than anything else. It is home to the Cottages’ hot tubs and “Bus flip” scandal and altogether a great place to live.

20. You have indulged in Libby’s Nachos.

Maybe more than you should have…These wonderful bites of heaven are the staple appetizer at Libby’s Bar and Grill, and the portions are large enough to feed a table of ten… but who’s counting?

We hope you enjoyed 20 Signs You Go To UNH! Comment below with any other signs you can think of!

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Anisia Lundberg

Anisia is an editor for Society19. She studied English Literature and Journalism Media at the University of New Hampshire and Regent's College London, UK.

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