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20 Signs You Go To UIUC

20 Signs You Go To UIUC

20 Signs You Go To UIUC

With a new year right around the corner, I’m super excited to get back to The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Whether it’s your first year or you’re entering your senior year, keep reading for 20 signs you go to UIUC.

1. When you go home for the summer, you’re instantly ready to be back on campus.

I know the second I got home I was ready to be back at UIUC, just without the classes and homework. Having your friends be a 2 hour drive away is miserable compared to the 20 second walk it was back at school.



2. Your 19th birthday is just as important as your 21st.

Being bar legal marks a milestone in your life. You no longer have to go to frat parties or house parties if you want to have fun. The bar scene in Champaign is great and dropping $10 on cover your first time at the bars will totally be worth it.

3. When someone yells I-L-L it’s second nature to yell back I-N-I.

We can’t leave our classmates hanging. If you don’t yell back, do you even go to Illinois?

4. You have at least one picture in front of Alma on Wright and Green.

Taking a picture in front of the Alma statue confirms your student status at Illinois. Without the picture no one can be sure if you actually go here or not.



5. You have at least 6 pictures in front of Alma at Kam’s.

If you’re 19 and bar legal, you have to document it by taking a picture in front of the Alma mural.



6. You’ve waited longer than you’d like to admit in line at the Chipotle.

It’s 5pm and you’re starving. Like always, you’re craving Chipotle and 5pm just happens to be the busiest time. If you’re desperate enough, you’ll wait however long it takes. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


7. You’ve found yourself at McDonald’s after 2:00AM too many times to count.

Last call comes around and you’re really craving some fattening food. You don’t want to spend a fortune so the only logical option is McDonald’s. Apparently everyone else has the same idea and if you end up leaving with something you didn’t order, you’ll just have to deal with it.



8. You can expect hundreds of texts towards the end of February from people trying to find a place to stay during Unofficial.

No, my dorm room cannot accommodate 12 other people and no I don’t have any friends who have room available. If you want to celebrate Unofficial, attend Illinois.

9. No matter what time of the day it is, there is always something to do.

Unlike your hometown, unless you live in Chicago of course, there’s always something to do. You can never get bored exploring the campus or going to one of the many events the University has to offer.

10. You could be found at Joe’s on Monday night, Cly’s Tuesday night, Kam’s Wednesday night, and Red Lion any other night.

How could anyone pass up Monday night Joe’s, and wine night at Cly’s? Kam’s and Lion just add to the fun.



11. Your closet consists of orange & blue.

You used to hate the color combination but ever since you’ve been accepted to UIUC, you’ve grown used to the colors and hold a special place for them in your heart. Keep the Illini clothes coming family!

12. You’ve eaten Fat Sandwich so much you’ve gotten sick of it.

Within the first month at Illinois, I had Fat Sandwich probably every other week. I haven’t eaten it since then.



13. You practically live in one of the many libraries during finals week.

If you want to find a seat, you need to get to the library as early as possible and set up shop. Otherwise you risk not being able to find a spot on a quiet floor. If you want to guarantee yourself a good spot, bring a pillow and a blanket and just sleep there.

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14. If your friends lived in PAR or FAR you learned how to take the bus immediately.

The walk from anywhere on campus to PAR or FAR was a dreaded one, especially at night. Learning the bus system isn’t easy but as long as you know which one to take to and from PAR/FAR, you’ll be in good hands for the rest of the year.

15. “I LOVIE my school” will be an Instagram caption of yours if it hasn’t been already.

With former Chicago Bear’s coach being the new coach for our football team Instagram captions for football games will become very creative.


16. There’s only one place you can get a true Blue Guy.



17. You’ve been within inches of a squirrel. They’re fearless.

If you have any food on you whatsoever you can convince a squirrel into eating out of your hand.



18. The only reason you’ll wake up before 9 on a Saturday is for block.

What better way to start out your morning than by getting drunk before noon with some of your best friends? I can’t think of one!

19. Your school lives up to its title of #1 party school.

This one is self-explanatory.


20. There’s no school you’d rather attend.

You were most likely accepted at other colleges besides UIUC but you made the right decision and your future self is thanking you.


What are some other classic signs that you go to UIUC? Feel free to comment below and share!
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