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20 Signs You Go To UCLA

20 Signs You Go To UCLA


Keep reading for 20 signs you go to UCLA!

1. Your calves are gorgeous because hills on hills on hills.

2. You know the struggle that is the walk from Botany to Melnitz.

3. You’ve been to Fat Sal’s at 2 A.M. more times than you care to admit.

4. You’ve performed on Royce Hall’s esteemed stage.

5. You’ve lost your voice from screaming during Midnight Yell.

6. You either are or have that token lower classman friend with 19P.

7. You live in Wooden the first few days of the quarter. Just the first few days.

8. You put on your best RBF before stepping foot on Bruinwalk.

9. Nothing is more exciting than seeing your campus in a movie.

10. You’ve been to a movie premier in Westwood.

11. You own too much UCLA gear, but it’s still never enough for you.


12. You hate having class in Public Affairs.

13. You’re friends with an athlete.

14. You’re confused by all the construction. Has that building always been there?

15. You’ve run around in your underwear in 60 degree weather during finals week.

16. You’ve danced for 26 hours straight.

17. You’ve met a celebrity on campus.

18. You’ve also missed countless celebrities.

19. You absolutely hate your school around midterm season (weeks 2 – 8).

20. But you know that ultimately, you love it even more.

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