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20 Signs You Go To UCF

20 Signs You Go To UCF

1. You can never find parking.

Finding a spot and being early to class = boss level.

2. You live in harmony with the wildlife.

Between the squirrels, huge Florida birds, and frequent deer sightings, UCF will make you feel one with Mother Nature.

3. You prepare for Spirit Splash as if preparing for battle.

Basically, a huge swarm of college-aged children rushing into a large pool, stampeding over each other for the most coveted rubber ducks in history. And then everyone in your dorm is sick for a week.


4. There’s a very high chance you’ll get run over by a car on campus.

The sidewalks don’t actually seem to be intended for pedestrians at our beloved Alma Mater. It’s more of a whatever-fits-on-the-sidewalk-goes sort of situation. Cars and golf carts are the typical perpetrators.

5. The word “night” will forever have a “k” in front of it.

There comes a point in your UCF career where you genuinely forget that once upon a time the word “night” wasn’t always spelled with a “k.” This is actually the least offensive Knight pun.

6. You know Universal Knights is the best thing ever.

Not going to lie, UCF’s proximity to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a huge part of my decision to attend. Once a year, all UCF students get free tickets to Islands of Adventure, where the park is closed down exclusively for UCF students. Just let that sink in.


7. You’ve bought a discounted ticket for all the theme parks.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld – you name it. You even get discounts for the movies and mini golf! They obviously don’t want you to sit your broke butt down in your dorm while there’s so many things to do in sunny Orlando. Maybe they’ll discount tuition…

8. You know there’s always construction on campus.

Let me put it this way: there was a point in time where the construction of a tiki bar/beach-themed section inside the arena was being considered and made news headlines. Because, apparently, you need to be at the beach to watch football. Oh, UCF, how I love and don’t understand thee.

9. You avoid the Student Union Courtyard on Wednesdays like the plague.

This is the preferred spot for clubs to do their tabling, preachers to do their preaching, campaigners to force you to vote, and businesses to ask for your money. Walking from the breezeway to the Student Union is great practice for all those times in your life where you have to openly ignore people and purposely walk away from them.


10. Walking to your class under the Florida sun is a mission.

Prepare to change your shirt several times between classes.

11. Walking to your class under the Florida torrential downpours is a mission.

Again, prepare to change your shirt several times between classes.

12. You hail Knightro as a celebrity.

Because he is.


13. You remember ’63 South used to be Marketplace.

This might be more of a generational thing, but the freshman cafeteria where many a clueless freshman utilized their expensive meal plans, had to be changed for “health reasons.”

14. You need to specify which “library” you’re going to.

Are you going to study or drink? Tell your parents you’re going to the library and they can never say you lied to them.

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15. You know owning a longboard or a bike is a necessity.

Being the second largest university campus in the nation means everything is far (like, really far). Walking is like still owning a horse-drawn carriage in the modern world. Pictured: girl on bike speeding past two individuals who are probably already late to class.

16. You know the mall is a place of academic torture.

MALL stands for Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab. Do I need to say more?

17. Light Up UCF makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Every year near the holiday season, UCF puts up a Ferris wheel, a skating rink, and a carnival ride right in front of the arena, much to the delight of college students dying for their finals to end.


18. You’ve chilled at the Reflection Pond.

After a hard day of classes, the best way to relax is to sit around the fountain and watch the sun go down (and maybe dip your feet in even though you’re not supposed to).

19. Avoiding the Pegasus Seal is a religious ritual to you.

The saying goes, that if you walk over the Pegasus Seal you will never graduate. Thankfully, UCF puts up stanchions to help us avoid that soul crushing fate.

20. You couldn’t be prouder to be a Knight.

It’s got its quirks, but there’s nothing better than being a UCF Knight.

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