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20 Signs You Go To UC Irvine

After attending college for four years, spotting a UC Irvine student is an easy task. We are one big family! Keep reading to discover twenty signs you go to UC Irvine.

1. You’ve endured blistering heat on the ARC fields during welcome week to break some sort of weird world record.

I mean.. how many schools can say they held the largest pillow fight ever??


2. Whenever you and your friends make plans to eat out, 9 times out of 10 you end up eating at UTC.

“Uhh.. Let’s just get Del Sushi?”

3. You’re more defensive about anteaters than the average person.

“What’d you say about my mascot?! ZOT ZOT MOTHERF-”

4. You go to Disneyland as a study break.

…or just actually study there. Why not memorize the steps of glycolysis while waiting in line for Splash Mountain?


5. You actively avoid Ring Road while walking to and from class.

No I would not like to donate my bone marrow, thank you very much.

6. …the hummus guy is at the vendor fairs.

The only time you actually do walk through Ring Road.

7. You take naps in the middle of Aldrich Park.

How to spend 1 hour gaps between classes 101.

8. You know what inspired the architectural design of Ayala Science Library.

Storm drain covers in the shape of a flagellum… whoever designed Ayala was really clever.

9. You turn up at Shocktoberfest every year even if you don’t listen to the featured genre

Ayyyyy TU.

10. You’ve been to the underground tunnels with your squad.

UCI and the Chamber of Secrets am I right?

11. You befriend freshmen to get swiped into Pippins.

I MEAN.. what who said that?

12. You listen to most of your friends complain about either the bio or ICS struggle.

“Dude the average for my ochem midterm was a 45%…” “Ugh I have a coding project due for Pattis this Friday”

13. You’ve come close to a mental breakdown trying to get your classes on WebReg.


14. The ZotAlert from last night becomes a part of every one of your conversations the next day.

Burglary at VDC… again??

See Also

15. Midnight donut runs to Seaside Bakery are definitely a routine thing.

DONUTS by the ocean.


16. You’ve gotten more parking violations than you can keep track of.

UCI parking is ruthless. RUTHLESS.

17. You spend every finals week living in either Langson, Ayala, or Gateway.

At this point it’s just one big 120 hour day with small 2 hour nap breaks here and there.

18. You’re either part of or have friends in Kababayan.

Good company and lumpia, what more could you want?

19. At least one of your closest friends is someone you met at SPOP.

You can’t do things like Cross the Line together and not become BFFs.


20. Sightings of Swagman (or lack thereof) determine your midterm results.

Please let me bump into Swagman before my midterm pleaaasee I need to pass this class!

Can you relate to any of these twenty signs you go to UC Irvine? Let us know and comment below!
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