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20 Signs You Go To Tulane

20 Signs You Go To Tulane

1. You’re from nowhere near New Orleans.

Tulane is the most geographically diverse campus in the country. If you go to Tulane, you’re most likely from New Jersey, Texas, California, or… Canada?

2. You hang out at the best college bar in the U.S.

The Boot has been ranked by USA Today as the best college bar in America. Its sporadic closing times, in-house pizza joint, and $2 shot specials make it, well, someplace special.

3. You’re totally unfazed by sweating through all your clothes.

And having a continuous bad hair day for the entire summer. The humidity Louisiana is notorious for is legit; you are basically walking through potato soup anytime you go outside, May to September.

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4. “Mardi Gras Break” seems completely reasonable to you.

At Tulane we have a Spring Break, and then we have a Mardi Gras Break. Turn up.

5. You’ve run into a celebrity on campus.

22 Jump Street, Our Brand is Crisis, Scream Queens, and Treme are just a few things that have been shot at Tulane in recent years. Running into Channing Tatum or Emma Roberts on campus is not that uncommon of an occurrence among students.

6. If there is even the slightest chance of snow, all your classes and activities are cancelled.

It’s the South y’all.


7. But you’ve trucked it to class through what is basically a monsoon.

Two feet of flooding and your midterm is in an hour? Hike up your Hunters and suck it up.

8. People walking around in the street with open containers of alcohol seems totally normal to you.

The “go-cup” laws in New Orleans make it legal to take open plastic containers outside of restaurants and homes, because New Orleans is cool.

9. You don’t own a winter coat.

Shorts in December are 100% appropriate.


10. You think all of your friends’ campuses are unsightly.

Tulane has one of the most beautiful campuses in the US. The quads are amazing, flowers bloom all year, and the buildings are historic and stately.

11. Your dorm room has a balcony.

It’s a perk.

12. You randomly became a Saints fan.

You scream “WHO DAT” at poor unsuspecting victims on a regular basis.


13. You go to Bourbon Street twice a semester, tops.

It’s honestly kind of gross and not really worth the hype. Check it out once.

14. You’ve spent many a weekend on “the fly.”

Tanning with friends on the levee is an extremely high quality form of weekend entertainment.

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15. You’ve been to more festivals than you can remember.

New Orleans festivals are the There are more festivals than days in The Big Easy, and if you don’t hit at least five per semester, you’re basically fake.
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16. You’ve purchased a daiquiri from a drive through.

The Big Easy has some very easy attitudes about alcohol consumption.

17. You’ve consumed a ridiculous amount of Vietnamese food.

I know it sounds random, but New Orleans actually has a large population of Vietnamese people, and the food is pho-sure awesome (see what I did there?).


18. You gained the Tulane 20.

The food is just so good here, we sailed right on past the infamous freshman 15.

19. You’ve been to a hurricane party.

This city takes making the best of things to a whole new level.


20. You would never want to go anywhere else.

Our motto is, “Only at Tulane, Only in New Orleans,” and there really are so many things unique to us, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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