20 Signs You Go To Texas A&M University

20 Signs You Go To Texas A&M University

What do you think of when you hear Aggie? Is it “Oh them Aggies and their damn traditions!” Well if that’s true, then you’re on the outside. If you think “loyal, selfless, and dedicated” then you’re one of us, those damn Aggies. Here at Texas A&M University, with more than 60,000 undergraduates, there is a lot to be learned besides our traditions. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn from an inside Ag’s perspective about Texas A&M University!

1. It feels awkward when people don’t start their speech off with “Howdy!” Texas A&M University

Howdy, is the official Aggie greeting, after all.


2. I guarantee you’ll be out of breath after climbing Heldenfeld’s steps, no matter HOW in shape you are. Texas A&M University

It’s a miracle we all make it up to the top, really.


3. You know exactly what Fuego, Torchy’s, and Layne’s are, even if you’ve never actually been to any of those places.

If you haven’t, God bless your soul.


4. You have more maroon shirts than you can count, let alone want to count!

Honestly, I’m thrilled when I get a shirt that ISN’T maroon.


5. You leave your room an extra 20 minutes early to make it to class on time, especially if it’s on West Campus.

I’m still shocked when I am late to class sometimes.


6. You’ve been late to wherever you were going because of the train.

You’ve probably been late to that 8am a few times too…


7. You’re amazed whenever there isn’t a line for food on campus.

Sometimes you’re just hungry and want some Panda Express, why is it so difficult?


8. Almost getting hit by a bike is an everyday occurrence.

When there are bikers zooming in and out of pathways, you’re probably going to get whacked. It may or not be because you were on your phone and forgot to look up…


9. Putting a penny on Sully before a test is a must.

Let’s face it, we put a few extra pennies when we have slacked off on studying.


10. Kyle Field is where our tuition is going, and we are all kind of okay with that.

When it gets lit up every damn night, I see dollar signs. At least it looks pretty.


11. It’s kind of a big deal when you make it on the campus story on Snapchat.

Time to go out and celebrate, because you’re basically a celebrity!


12. Getting a picture with Reveille is GOALS.

You get instantly jealous when you see people who just snapped a picture with her.


13. You will know you’re going to participate in the Big Event, before you even know what it is.

I remember at Fish Camp, my counselors had made such a huge deal about it, so I knew I was going to sign up for it, before I even knew exactly what it was.

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14. College Station is basically a desert.

The toasty dampness during the day while freezing cold at night? What gives CSTAT?


15. Always pack a rain jacket or umbrella.

I’m not kidding, it will rain when it is sunny here. What a weird phenomenon, that thing we call College Station weather.


16. Never expect your hair to look nice.

Would you expect your hair to look nice in the Rainforest? Then don’t expect that here because it’s basically the same climate and humidity.


17. When you say you go to Texas A&M, people assume you’re becoming an engineer.

News flash: there are a lot of other degrees here, and I’m one of them!


18. Fish Camp is the cat’s meow in everyone’s eyes.

You probably know exactly what it is, even if you never went.


19. You’re either Red Ass, or a 2%… there is no in between.

(There actually is, but people don’t like to admit it.)


20. You feel lonely walking on campus when you’re not surrounded by 15,000+ people at a time.

When there are so many undergraduates, you’re all basically one big happy family on campus.


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