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20 Signs You Go To TCNJ

20 Signs You Go To TCNJ

1. You know every TCNJ building by its abbreviation.

As a freshmen, we were all confused by the talk of the “lib,” “caf,” “stud,” and “eick,” but now, it seems like second-nature to throw out these phrases!

2. You constantly see construction.

They promised campus town would be done by 2015, that the STEM building would be up soon, but all we’ve seen is a wasteland filled with CAT diggers.


3. You worship MUHA.

As in David Muha, the man that determines whether or not classes are cancelled based on inclement weather.


4. You hate Rider.

We all know Rider, the private institution only ten minutes away, that we rival.

5. You love CUB events.

The College Union Board always brings the best performers and entertainment for little to nothing to us. Fingers crossed that the spring concert will be just as good as Modern Baseball and Bleachers.


6. You know what “meal equiv” is.

The best part of the day is from 11:00am-1:30pm.


7. You’ve seen man hunt in action.

8. Your closet is filled with blue and gold.

The TCNJ colors somehow always bleed into your closet.


9. EVE!!!

Eve, the local celebrity of Eick, always has a smile and something positive to say. It’s a great day when Eve swipes you in!

10. You’re excited when the ice cream machine in Eick is running.


11. You’re surprised when you see out-of-state people.

12. You know the pain of not having your car on campus freshmen year.

13. You know the frustrations of using Paws.


14. As well as the sheer joy of getting a table at the Lion’s Den during meal equiv.

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15. You pronounce Ewing like “you-wing,” not “ew-ing.”


16. And you also call it CONJ.

“College of New Jersey” because we know how important the “T” is in “TCNJ.”

17. Hall pride.

Without wifi, you’re connected with your floor on a different level.


18. You use Get it Cards to print everything.

But does anyone really “get” them?


19. You borrow your friend’s points at the end of the semester.

20. You know how to pronounce Paul Loser hall.

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