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20 Signs You Go To St. John’s University

20 Signs You Go To St. John’s University

Whether you are freshmen, seniors, or alumni, you will definitely be able to relate to these 20 signs you go to St. John’s University!

1. You applied here because you got the free application in the mail your senior year of high school and figured, “Hey, why not?”

2. You have spent more than half your time on campus struggling to connect to the Wi-Fi.

3. When someone asks you about St. John’s University, you HAVE to tell them about how J. Cole went here.

4. Whenever you come back from a late night at Trads or Parsons, you hope that the Public Safety officer with the Starbursts is working in your dorm.

5. The most dialed numbers in your phone are for delivery from Regina’s, Acquista, Empire Chinese and CJ’s.

6. You get out of bed on weekdays solely because you need to get an omelet from Angela to get your day started.

7. You ask people where they are from, but know that there is a 95% chance they are from either Long Island or California.


8. Common Hour is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to you.


9. You know who and what the Monty’s bird is.

10. You’ve tried to register for classes on the wrong campus and blamed the system for not letting you join.

11. Chris Mullin. Enough said.

12. You’ve gotten very friendly with everyone who works at Double J’s and they know your order.

13. You’ve been to Fishbowl Fridays at Trads and swore you would never go again (but still did).

14. You’ve seen all the different Campus Ministry signs and secretly look forward to when the next one will come out.

15. It has taken you 15 minutes to walk from Monty’s to your dorm during one of DJ Zeke’s parties on the strip.

16. You have season tickets to the men’s basketball games and are a frequent visitor to Madison Square Garden.

17. You’ve felt extreme amounts of pressure walking through Gate Six on a Tuesday night.

18. You love getting packages, but dread going to the mail room.

19 Whenever people ask where St. John’s University is, you tell them New York City and they assume Manhattan.

20. And even though you’re actually here in Queens, there’s no other place you would have wanted to go to school.

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