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20 Signs You Go To SELU

20 Signs You Go To SELU

20 Signs You Go To SELU

Southeastern Louisiana University has many unique attributes that you can’t get at other schools in the state. Here are 20 signs you go to SELU.

1. You dread going up to the 3rd floor in D. Vickers.

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2. You know the fourth floor of the library is the best place to study.

This area of the library is the quietest and many students utilize this space for studying, especially during finals!

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3. You own a lot of green and gold.

To showcase our school spirit, every student has a plethora of green and gold, from shirts to jewelry to car flags.

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4. If you go here, you most likely commute.

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5. And if you live on campus, you’re not there on the weekends.

Everyone knows the campus becomes a ghost town on the weekends and if you’re there, you either live far from home or are actually doing something school related.

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6. You utilize the best of New Orleans.

The weekends are for exploring the best of this exciting city.

beautiful picture of NOLA

7. You have a collection of free t-shirts.

Whenever there’s some type of event going on, you can bet there’s a free shirt involved.

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8. You look forward to Gumbo Ya Ya in the fall.

delicious gumbo

9. And Strawberry Jubilee in the spring.

delicious strawberry jubilee recipe

10. It takes forever to find a parking spot.

Then you end up parking in the stadium parking lot.

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11. You know the story behind friendship oak.

And if you don’t, look it up!

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12. You go out on Thursdays.

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13. Trains are always passing by.

cool train picture

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14. Your teacher knows you by name.

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15. Football reigns!

fun football quote

16. Homecoming is the biggest event.

cool SELU banner

17. You go to athletic events mainly for the free food

And it’s either Papa Johns or Raising Canes.

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18. You’ve witnessed or played in gaming tournaments in the Union.

Varying from pool, Madden, and 2K, there’s always some sort of gaming competition going on.

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19. You hate the math lab.

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20. You know Lion Pride is real.

This is one of the tell tale signs you go to SELU. We are proud of our school and will often see students with their L’s screaming, “Lion Up!”

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Have any more signs you go to SELU? Comment below!

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