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20 Signs You Go To A Small College

20 Signs You Go To A Small College

If you go to a small college, you understand how different it can be than a huge, bustling university. Here are 20 signs you go to a small college.

1. You know a lot about the professors.

You know how many kids they have, what they had for dinner, and what their weekend plans are.

2. Everybody knows everybody.

If you don’t REALLY know somebody, chances are one of your friends knows them.


3. You can wake up five minutes before anything.

With a small college comes a small campus, meaning that getting anywhere is a breeze.

4. Dining options are limited.

Chances are, you only have one dining hall, making food options extremely limited.

5. You are on a first name basis with professors.

You call most of your professors by their first name, and they know yours too.

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6. The Wi-Fi is terrible.

7. Nobody knows where you go to school.

Whenever you say what school you go to, you follow it with a small history, location, and random facts about it.

8. You can’t skip a class without being noticed.

Honestly. Everyone will know. And it’s possible your professor will even call you.

9. Everyone does a million things.

Some people do multiple sports, Greek life, residence life, and student leadership – ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

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10. The college bubble is real.

Chances are, your school is nestled in a small town, meaning you rarely leave the campus bubble.

11. On-campus living seems to never end.

Some schools have students live on campus for three year – MANDATORY.


12. There’s brick… everywhere.

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13. Any class over 25 people is huge.

14. You can’t find spirit gear anywhere.

Oh did you want to buy cute Victoria’s Secret PINK stuff? Think again!

15. Word travels fast.

16. You can easily tell if someone is a student or if they are someone from the community.


17. You are the odd one out of your friends.

Most of your friends go to huge schools, and all go to the same huge schools.

18. You brag about your “well rounded, liberal arts education.”

19. You always end up running into that same person – Every. Single. Day.

20. When you find alumni from your school, you get super excited.
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