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20 Signs You Go To Slippery Rock

1. You crave sun all year long.

It’s either snowing or raining most of the year, so summer and all things summer are celebrated constantly.

2. Green and white have become the familiar favorite duo.

You see these colors everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. They’re on the walls, school hoodies, G&W society, and the occasional desserts.

3. You’re from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or New York.

Unless you’re one of us international students, I’ll bet my good arm you are from one of these states, or you probably don’t go here.

4. You know all the names of the places in town.

Having four places to eat at with three fast food chains doesn’t leave much to be explored in Slip Rock – and that’s fine! Grove City is just 15 minutes away.

5. You are over all the “good news” on SRU communications.

You’re happy for everyone on there; you just don’t want to hear about it all the time!

6. Flex is your best friend.

For those of you who like Weisenfluh or Rocky’s more than Boozel (dare I say everyone?), Flex is precious.

7. Workout gear is your most prevalent attire.

Whether you’re really healthy, aspire to be, or just want to look like you just came back from the ARC (no shame!), Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon are staples at Slippery Rock.

8. You’re familiar with the long line at Umami during common hour.

The Chinese food at Weisenfluh is heaven. But don’t tell me your stomach hasn’t growled at the long line of students trying to get their own bowl of chicken fried rice during common hour.

9. You’ve hurt your feet looking for fun.

It doesn’t help that The Ivy, The Grove, and Rock Apartments are all on opposite sides of campus. And if you don’t have a car, it’s another level.

10. You know the one tradition NOT to follow.

Do you remember first reading on the Slippery Rock website how students rub the rock by Dinger for good luck? What happens on that rock stays between those who do it and those of us who have been warned by our orientation guides not to.

11. You know the purpose of each floor at the library.

First floor: gather around! Second floor: keep it down a bit, watch a movie, or work on your project with a friend or two. Third floor: I will kill you if I hear you breathe.

12. You’ve ridden the Happy Bus.

Whether you love it because you live in Building F and it’s winter, or you hate it because it left two minutes early, you know it, you see it, and you use it.

13. You have complained about Boozel food at least once.

Where do I even begin? Boozel breakfast is okay, but the rest of the day is really not. Did you have to fry it that long? Couldn’t you bake this any longer? And you’ve all heard the laxative claims.

14. You’ve been burnt by the “sell your books back” trap at the bookstore.

If you’re still a freshman, I beg you, just sell your books by McDonald’s or the truck by Subway. The bookstore will give you one millionth of the price you actually bought it for.

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15. You’ve heard at least one “pop vs. soda” debate.

The great battle against Pittsburghers who continue to use “pop” instead of “soda” is fascinating. Either way guys, no biggie. Can’t we all just get along?

16. You’ve looked for the unicorns that constantly get mentioned on SRU Crushes.

Those stellar few that are getting constant shout outs are on your lookout out of pure curiosity. Like, who is worth those 70 characters on Twitter?

17. You know Rocky.

Oh you green, grey and white lion; you melt our Slippery Rock hearts every time.

18. You know the pain involved with parking.

You’re familiar with how it feels to park at F and walk back to your residence hall. The crawling night, the unforgiving wind, and the regret of not coming earlier haunt you.

19. You’ve heard of Emma the ghost.

A four word horror story: second floor North Hall. I’m not going to say I’ve seen her, but I won’t say I haven’t either.

20. You’ve got Rock pride.

No matter how crappy some days feel, at the end of the day, you bleed green and white.

Have any other signs you go to Slippery Rock? Comment below!

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Hebist Asfaw

Hebist is a student at Slippery Rock University majoring in Public Health. She is passionate about healthcare, living in faith, and adores coffee and cats. You can find her writing at her personal blog

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